February 6, 2024

How to Be the Best Maid of Honor – Maid of Honor Duties

Did you just get asked to be a maid of honor? Congratulations! You’re probably wondering how to be the best maid of honor and what your maid of honor duties consist of. In my video and blog below, I’ve got several tips for you to succeed in your role. The best man has similar roles, so if that’s you, most of these will apply for you as well.

1. Help Coordinate

Help organize any bridesmaid related activities and responsibilities. This includes planning the bachelorette party and maybe a bridal shower. Additionally, it is so helpful to the bride if you check in on the bridesmaids‘ dresses – making sure they’ve ordered them in time for alterations.

Make a text group or Instagram message thread to coordinate with everyone.

2. Hosting Events

Offer to host a bridal shower or the bachelorette party For the shower, you can host solo or co-host with her mom, an aunt, or another bridesmaid.

For the bachelorette party, determine everyone’s budget to ensure all bridesmaids are comfortable with the plans and that the bride will love it too. It can be local to everyone or a destination. A weekend adventure or just a single night out.

Bride in tulle chair at Chic Beverly Hills Hotel Bridal Shower during Christmas time, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

3. Go Dress Shopping with the Bride

Offer to go dress shopping with the bride. This may be challenging if you don’t live nearby, but you can travel to her for the appointment or just Zoom/FaceTime. Be supportive and always wait to hear the bride’s thoughts before giving your own.

4. Be a Good Listener

Be a listening ear about any wedding woes. Help problem solve for or with the bride about anything she’s struggling with.

Toasts at San Diego Botanic Garden wedding, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

5. Wedding Timeline Management

Ask the bride or her planner for the wedding timeline the week of the wedding and be sure to keep everyone on time the day of the wedding. Keep the getting ready room clean for photos.

Casual wedding attire ideas for bridesmaids. Maid of honor duties to make a toast. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

6. Help Assist the Photographer

It is such a blessing to the photographer to help them during photos. This helps ensure the photos are the best they can be and that the photographer isn’t wasting time trying to get the wedding party to pay attention or be on time.

Bride in Carolina Herrera silk v neck gown with pink and ivory bridal bouquet with ivory ribbon and bridesmaids in mix match blue print pattern dresses for a wedding at Rancho Valencia. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

7. Care for the Bride’s Dress

Fix the bride’s train and veil when she gets to the front of the aisle and take her bouquet from her. She’ll be so appreciative that her dress looks perfect in her photos.

8. Take Care of the Bride and Yourself

Make sure the bride is eating and hydrating throughout the day. Remember to enjoy the day and not to take anything too seriously! The bride and you should have such a fun time.

Bride and groom reacting to toast for wedding at Rancho Valencia. Cavin Elizabeth Photography