July 26, 2022

Sample Wedding Photography Timeline – 8 Hours with First Look

So many of my Youtube subscribers ask about wedding timelines, so I thought I’d share a sample wedding photography timeline here. Timelines vary greatly depending on each couple’s logistics and preferences. How many hours did they contract for photography? Do they want a first look? Are all of their events taking place at the same location or do we have to travel in between?

Sample wedding photography timeline

After 8 years into my wedding photography career, I have my timeline creation down to a mathematical formula. I literally programmed an excel sheet that calculates the entire timeline for me based on the couple’s ceremony time and adjusts their full timeline for me – based on my preferences for how long I need to spend shooting each part of the day. I have two versions – one with a first look and another without. It’s amazing! Of course, I have to adjust if there is a need for travel, but otherwise it takes seconds.

Today I wanted to share an 8 hour timeline with a first look. All events took place at one property – L’Auberge Del Mar, so there was no travel required. Watch the video below for a full look at the timeline with details on each part of the day’s coverage from beginning to end! After, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more helpful tips on wedding planning.

Sample Wedding Photography Timeline