November 5, 2020

Print Your Wedding Photos | Why You Shouldn’t Just Do Digital Files

Your wedding day is something that you will always remember and by capturing photos, you know you can relive those days as often as you want with all of your stunning portraits. There are a few dilemmas people face when deciding what they want to do with their photographs after the wedding. Here are some things to consider and why you should print your wedding photos, whether through your photographer (best quality) or yourself.
Print Your Wedding Photos | Why You Shouldn't Just Do Digital Files. Why having prints on your wall and an album on your coffee table are so much better than a file on your computer or phone. 

Printed Photos Stand the Test of Time

Some people think that after they get the pictures from the photographer on a USB or gallery, they’ll print them on their own because it will be cheaper. However, these are your wedding photos, something that will be a family heirloom for many, many years.

You might upload your wedding images to your computer or keep them on a USB, thinking they can’t be lost. What happens if something damages the technology and they can no longer be retrieved? Think file corruption, outdated software, outdated hardware (throwback to the floppy disk), etc.

Print your wedding photos in an album. Gorgeous tan and neutral albums from Redtree Albums 
What is the first thing you would grab in a fire? Most likely jewelry, pets, and family heirlooms. If you only have your photos on a memory disk, it would probably be placed in some drawer, rather than in an easily accessible location. On that note, many people think that they will look through their wedding day pictures again if they are all stored on a computer. I know this isn’t the case for my digital images. I see my own wedding photos every morning when I wake up. They make me so happy!

Print your wedding photos in an album. Gorgeous tan and neutral albums from Redtree Albums 

Prints and Albums Are Conversation Starters

If you have a wedding album or prints, you can proudly display it in your living room or where people gather when they visit your house. This way it is physically in front of people, making it more likely that they will look at it and be able to appreciate the beautiful photographs taken of your wedding.

Please, print your wedding photos soon, whether you just got married or have been married for decades. You’ll be SO glad you did!