August 22, 2019

3 Reasons It Doesn’t Matter How Many Wedding Photos You Receive

There are many wedding websites that’ll tell you to ask potential photographers how many wedding photos you receive after your wedding. Today, I’m going to tell you why, as long as you like someone’s work, it doesn’t matter.

3 Reasons It Doesn't Matter How Many Wedding Photos You Receive 

1. Quality over Quantity

I am all about quality over quantity. Personally, I prefer to stay well under 1,000 photos for most weddings. My average is between 600-800 for most 7-9 hour weddings. By culling down to the best of the best, I’m able to provide an excellently curated gallery.

While that might seem small to people who keep hearing about 1,000-1,500 images, recognize that you’d really only want the best quality. You don’t want unflattering images or duplicates, so trust that your photographer is focused on quality over quantity. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t want every photo from the day.

Groom in black velvet tuxedo walking with bride wearing a Marchesa couture gown with blush feathers, gold lines, and floral embellishments. Honey and Beekeeper Inspired Wedding at Rancho Valencia on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. Nobody Can Possibly Make Use of 2,000 Wedding Photos

Unless you’re having a 3 day wedding or 12+ hours of coverage, there’s no need for more than 1000 photos. What are you possibly going to do with even 600 images? Printing hundreds and hundreds of photos doesn’t sound practical, does it?. David and I designed our wedding album with 96 pages (100 max can fit) and it used 199 photos. Very few of our favorites didn’t make the cut and honestly, we would be totally fine if we never again saw the other hundreds of images.

Understanding that you only need (and truly want) the images that tell your story, you can start to see why the count doesn’t matter. If you’ve seen that your photographer’s galleries beautifully capture the full day, don’t sweat the image count. Anything more than 500 for an 8 hour day is plenty!

Renaissance garden at David Austin Roses in England. Film by Cavin Elizabeth on the Flutter Mag Retreat 

3. You Trust Your Wedding Photographer

It’s my theory that many brides who feel concern over image count feel that way out of fear. Fear that their photographer will miss important moments or fear that the photographer will delete photos they would have liked. Experienced photographers are experts at culling the full day’s worth of photos. Trust that your photographer will provide the excellent service of curating a beautiful, impactful gallery.

When you find a photographer you can trust, determinable through consultations, you can relax knowing your wedding photos are in the best hands. Quality over quantity!

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring with large halo casing in a pink velvet octagon ring box, film Beverly Hills Hotel Engagement Photos by Cavin Elizabeth Photography