April 11, 2023

Fun Ways to Get Your Bridesmaids Involved in Wedding Planning

You’ve probably read one of guest blogger Kacey Bradley’s posts by now on bachelorette parties or seating charts. She’s here again to share fun ways to get your bridesmaids involved in wedding planning. If your bridal party has been asking how they can help, here are Kacey’s top suggestions!

Fun Ways to Get Your Bridesmaids Involved in Wedding Planning, How your bridesmaids can help you with planning your wedding

One of the best things about planning a big wedding is that you get to include all the people you love in the festivities, including your closest female family members and friends. While picking the bridal party can be tricky if you’re a social butterfly, once the difficult decisions are made, it’s comforting — and fun — to have your favorite group of ladies by your side on the big day. They’re also by your side throughout the planning process, which can be a big help.

But it’s important to remember that your bridesmaids have a lot on their plate too when it comes to helping the maid of honor plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party and other wedding festivities. So, make sure you find fun, laid-back ways to include them in the wedding and help them build bonds with the other bridesmaids.

To that end, here are a few ideas for getting your bridesmaids all together and in the wedding-day spirit — and having some fun at the same time.

Bridal party film portrait of bridesmaids in grey and lavender dresses with white and green flowers at Temecula Wedding at Villa De Amore, Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Bridal party film portrait at Temecula Wedding at Villa De Amore, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Arrange a Get-to-Know-You Outing

Unless your bridal party is composed of people who all know each other well, like a single group of friends or all family members, you should arrange an in-person meeting for all of your local ladies as soon as they’ve all said “yes.” Try to plan an activity that will help them bond, not just a fancy dinner somewhere.

One unique idea that you and your ladies might like: Book an escape room. Nothing says “bonding” like trying to escape from the lab of a crazed scientist.

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Ask Them to Help with Invites

Here’s a simple way to check something off your to-do list and get your bridesmaids together. Whether you have some particularly gifted bridesmaids who can address the invitations, or you just need some help stuffing and stamping them, invite your girls over to help. Make it fun by offering ample snacks and wine, plus throwing on some tunes or your favorite reality TV show in the background.

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Set up a Girls-Only Brunch

If your bridesmaids can’t bond over their shared love of brunch, what can they bond over? Tradition says that the bride should host a brunch a few days before the wedding to thank her bridesmaids. Although the bridesmaids’ brunch is no longer a given, it’s a fun custom that you may want to resurrect for your wedding. It presents the perfect opportunity to dole out your bridesmaid gifts, and it gives everyone one last chance to hang out before their bridesmaid duties are almost done.

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Take Them to a Trunk Show

Picking out your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning your nuptials, so make sure you include all the girls in this experience! Invite them to your favorite boutique to take part in a bridal trunk show. A trunk show usually invites a single designer to showcase their up-and-coming designs — which aren’t on the mainstream market yet — and get feedback from customers. So, your girl-crew will be able to help you choose the trends that you love — and the trends that you don’t.

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Invite Registry Input

If you have bridesmaids who’ve gone through the wedding-planning process before, make good use of their knowledge! Invite them over for a “registry party” during which they can offer their advice on the types of things you should include — and enjoy some snacks and cocktails at the same time. Only women who have already been through a wedding will be able to offer insight into all the things they wish they would’ve registered for. Plus, this time is another added opportunity for your bridesmaids to bond.

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Make Use of Their Talents

Do you have a friend with a degree in graphic design? Ask her to print out your DIY wedding invitations. Is one of your bridesmaids really into music? Invite her to pick some (or all) of the songs for the wedding-day playlist. Are you lucky enough to have a friend who’s a hair stylist or makeup artist? Tell her to skip the gift and just be there to beautify you on the big day.

See how you can get your bridesmaids involved in the wedding by making use of the talents they already have and the things they really love to do.

Hanging out with your bridesmaids should be fun, whether you’re all enjoying brunch together or getting your updos done for the big day. But it can be difficult to get a good group dynamic going when you have friends coming together from all different areas of your life. The best way to ensure that your bridesmaids mesh is to give them ample opportunities to get to know one another and bond. Try one of these ideas, or come up with your own, to bring them all together in fun and creative ways.

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