February 27, 2020

6 Great Ways to Use Engagement Photos for Your Home and Wedding

If you’ve wondered about the ways to use engagement photos, then today’s blog post is for you! Below are 6 great ways to use engagement photos that will make excellent use of your session images! Following any one of these would do your images so much more justice than if you just posted to social media.

6 Great Ways to Use Engagement Photos for Your Home and Wedding 

1. On Your Save the Date Cards or Wedding Stationery

I wrote a whole post about Save the Date Card Ideas, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Simply stated, your engagement session images are perfect for wedding announcements or even weekend itinerary cards.

Use your engagement photos on your weekend event card. Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. On Your Wedding Website

If you’re hoping to attract guests to your wedding website and keep them on the site for a while, adding professional engagement images is the way to go. I personally love to spend time on friends’ wedding websites when they’ve given their guests beautiful images to accompany their story. You don’t need to add all of your session images. Even just 3-4 images are a nice touch!

UC Riverside Engagement photo of couple sitting on a ledge near flowers. Bride in long blush lavender dress and groom in navy suit. Film photographer Cavin Elizabeth Photography. 

3. Large Displays at the Wedding

Anyone who knows me or has been to my office knows that I’m a huge sucker for large prints. Prints of 11×14 and larger on easels, stands, or walls are the best, although an 8×10 can be considered large when displayed on a desk or table. The great thing about these “decorations” are that you can hang them at home when your wedding is over!

Use Your Engagement Photos at Your Wedding and Home 

4. Small Displays at the Wedding

Any print under 8×10 works really well as a small display at your wedding. Here are some ways you can use your engagement photos as small displays:

  • Enhancing the existing decor or to convey a message (below image)
  • As a part of your centerpieces
  • To accompany any wedding favors you might have

Using your engagement photos at the wedding sign in table. Cavin Elizabeth. 

5.In Your Wedding Guestbook

Personalized guestbooks are one of my personal favorites. I even offer a fully customizable, interactive engagement guestbook because I love the look of your images alongside guest messages. Your guests will love looking through your guestbook when it’s full of your images and so will you for years after your wedding!

Guestbook with wedding photos 

6. On the Walls in Your Home

If you displayed prints at your wedding, then definitely hang them on your walls. If that wasn’t your style or you didn’t get them printed in time, you can still order them for your home.

6 Great Ways to Use Engagement Photos for Your Home and Wedding


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