June 27, 2023

The Wedding Dish Podcast: Make Wedding Dress Shopping Fun

Speaking on podcasts brings me so much joy as I get to share my passion for wedding with a new audience! Last week, my episode on The Wedding Dish Podcast on how to make wedding dress shopping fun went live. I’ll embed the Youtube video of the podcast below, but if you prefer to listen to the audio only version, here is the Spotify link and the Apple podcast link.

Make Wedding Dress Shopping Fun

Setting boundaries for your group, particularly when it comes to feedback, is crucial for a fun wedding dress appointment. Communicate your expectations beforehand and let them know what kind of input you value. Establishing clear boundaries will prevent overwhelming and unwanted opinions, allowing you to focus on your own preferences and make decisions that feel authentic and comforting to you. Remember, it’s your dress and your wedding day, so prioritize your own happiness and comfort.

Finding the right stores for your style is essential. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from friends or wedding planners can also be helpful in determining which stores have a good reputation for quality, service, and your price point. Don’t set yourself up for failure by going to a boutique that has only boho dresses if your style is classic and clean. Look at the boutiques’ websites or Instagrams to ensure their gowns have a style that is on point with your initial vision.

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The Wedding Dish Podcast: Make Wedding Dress Shopping Fun with Cavin Elizabeth, wedding podcast for wedding planning advice