February 21, 2023

6 Ways to Make Engagement Outfits Look Expensive and Elevated

I have another exciting guest article by Tess DiNapoli on 6 ways to make engagement outfits look expensive and elevated. Her tips have such great insight for couples planning for their engagement outfits this season!

6 Ways to Make Engagement Outfits Look Expensive and Elevated

An engagement picture lasts a lifetime. Before the photographer clicks the shutter, you want
to look and feel your absolute best so you can admire your photos for years to come. We
may not all be professionals in front of the camera, but we can emulate that same brand of
elegance through our fashion choices. With just a few quick styling tricks, you can transform your engagement outfit from simple to expensive, extravagant, and chic in a matter of minutes.

Accessorize With the Right Pieces

Engagement photo accessories with bridal headband
Untamed Petals

The right accessories make all the difference with the tone of an outfit. Though the
occasional statement piece can be fun, simple jewelry pieces, like diamond cuff earrings, exude extravagance. Style your engagement look with ear cuffs, a channel set engagement ring, a stylish women’s headband, or other pieces that fit your style. Make sure you pay close attention to the pieces you choose and the look you hope to achieve. The goal is to complement your outfit with accessories, not overpower it.

Go Monochrome

One of the easiest ways to make your outfit appear more expensive is to ditch the wide color
palette and go monochrome. Besides being incredibly easy to style, monochromatic fashion
always looks chic. This simple, elongating outfit will have you looking like a million dollars, without dropping a million dollars. Neutral colors and tones, like black, white, beige/brown, and navy, are timeless and always look put together. If dressing in a singular color just isn’t your thing, try choosing two neutral colors in different shades to still get the same luxe feel.

Add Interest With Texture

One thing often overlooked when styling for engagement photos and everyday outfits is
texture. Creating contrast with textures can take a simple outfit and give it depth, visual
interest, and effortless elegance. Elevate the color and shape of your pieces by incorporating a touch of texture into the mix. Details, like tweed, faux leather or suede, and jacquard make your outfit look more expensive and are a compelling way to let your personality shine in your unique engagement photos. A piece like a structured bouclé jacket is an easy way to add both structure and texture that will stand out.

Add Simple Structure

structured engagement photo outfits

While we all love slouchy and flowy pieces, every expensive outfit needs a bit of structure.
Structured pieces appear polished, elevating your engagement outfit in an instant. That
doesn’t mean you have to wear structure from head to toe by donning a suit. Try adding a
structured blazer or a button-down shirt with casual pieces like jeans or a flowy dress. One
piece is all it takes to achieve balance with your personal style and become camera ready.

Invest in the Classics

Classics are classics for a reason. They never go out of style, are endlessly versatile, and
make even the simplest of outfits look more expensive. They’re also your not-so-secret way
to look put together without trying too hard. Instead of going for a trend-forward engagement outfit, choose quality pieces in classic cuts. Think simple shirts and blouses, tailored trousers, and the little black dress. Mix and match classics with one-of-a-kind pieces to put a personal spin on your extravagant outfit.

Layer Your Jewelry

Layer Jewelry for Engagement Photos

Layering isn’t just for winter clothing anymore. Perfectly layered jewelry will complement your style and make the simplest outfit appear expensive any time of year. It’s all about innovative layering – with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This could be with ear cuffs stacked along the curve of your ear with your hair swept into an updo or layered necklaces playing with variations in lengths and thickness — from delicate to chunky. Play around to find your own style and determine what works for your engagement photos. Make sure to not go overboard with the layers to avoid looking too busy or drawing the eye away from the real piece of jewelry when you’re posing for your pictures.

Creating an expensive-looking engagement outfit doesn’t necessarily have to stem from a
wardrobe of expensive clothing. While investing in quality pieces provides any outfit with a
little luxury, there are easy styling tricks that can do the same. Put on your best smile,
elevate your simple outfit into one of expensive extravagance, and get ready to shine in your engagement photos.