October 1, 2020

4 Expert Tips for the Most Unique Engagement Photos

So many couples want unique engagement photos, especially since there are dozens of their friends’ engagement photos surfacing each week on social media. Today I’m sharing my top 4 tips on how to have the most original and unique engagement photos. They will be totally personalized to you, and thus much more special.

4 Expert Tips for the Most Unique Engagement Photos. How to have an engagement session that stands out from the crowd and is personalized and special to you. 

1. Personalize the Location

I always dig deep into my clients’ personalities, hobbies, and interests when choosing a session location. What I never do is suggest a location that’s beautiful just because it’s beautiful. Locations that have a special place in your heart will always be more unique. Plus, they’ll be more meaningful to you! That said, your personalized locations should also be photogenic and have gorgeous light.

Groom holding the bride. Engagement photo outfit ideas with a formal black suit and black dress. Torrey Pines beach photos on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography. 

2. Be the Best Version of Yourself

Many people don’t put enough thought into their engagement clothing or hair/makeup. If you want killer and unique photos, opt for some serious wardrobe selections and hair and makeup that flatters your ideal look. Do know that you have to wear a little more makeup than you’re comfortable with to get it to show up on camera. For more guidance, read my general what to wear tips.

UC Riverside Engagement session. Bride in long blush lavender dress and groom in navy suit captured on black and white. Film photographer Cavin Elizabeth Photography. 

3. Bring 20% of the Energy

I always say that the outcome of imagery is 80% on the photographer and 20% on the couple. Get yourself psyched up for the session and allow yourself relax enough to show your personalities (sometimes a glass of liquid courage helps). A mini tip on this would be that you can plan a fun date night after the shoot, since you’ll look so stunning! This will help get you even more excited about your shoot.

Groom and bride at a marble table drinking cocktails and laughing. Fairweather Rooftop Bar Engagement Photos on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

4. Trust Your Photographer

I’ve said this so many times, it seems! When you trust your photographer, especially when he/she asks you to do something that seems strange or puts you out of your comfort zone, do it! There’s almost always an amazing image that’ll come out of it, resulting in many unique engagement photos!