September 6, 2022

9 Tips for Grooms on the Wedding Day

There are so many tips for brides on the wedding day – it’s almost like people forget to give grooms advice. Today I’m sharing 9 tips for grooms on the wedding day so you men won’t feel forgotten in the planning process!

9 Tips for Grooms on the Wedding Day

Many of the tips that I share in my video below are appearance-based. Making an effort to look your best on your wedding day is important. You’ll be photographed in perhaps a thousand photos, so why not ensure your attire is perfectly tailored and your hair and face are well groomed.

Looking camera ready could take you a month or maybe just a week to prepare depending on your skin’s concerns. Or maybe you have perfect skin and you just need to style your hair and hop right in front of the camera! But most people do need some time to get their skin to its best possible condition.

Groom wearing the Black Tux, Pampas Grass Wedding in San Diego on Film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

My other tips dive into planning, preparedness, and behavior on the wedding day. It’s important that you don’t let the entire burden of planning fall on your partner. Help out wherever you can and also make sure your best man or someone responsible from your wedding party can keep track of time for the group. Additionally, ensure your group treats the photography and videography team with respect and that you all don’t go too hard with the drinks until all formal photos and the ceremony are complete!

9 Tips for Grooms

For all of the tips, watch my video below from my YouTube channel where I post educational wedding content every week.