April 25, 2023

Choosing Your Engagement Photography Locations in San Diego

Choosing engagement photography locations in San Diego might seem overwhelming. I promise you it’s not! Even though there are hundreds of amazing photo locations, choosing a few will be easier than it seems!

Rather than give my couples a fixed list of overused engagement photography locations, I ask my couples to create a short list of meaningful places. This could be any location that has special meaning or a location you both regularly visit together.

Choosing Your Engagement Photography Locations in San Diego

Make a List of Possible Engagement Photography Locations

Think of all of the places where you two like to spend time. Also list any locations where you have significant memories. Between these, you should already have a great list of options for choosing your engagement photography locations.

Don’t worry if you two never have time to leave work or home! Even shooting in your apartment or house can be really great if it has lots of natural light!

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Narrow Down the List

Start narrowing down your list to about 3-4 engagement locations. Depending on the distance between locations and the amount of time you have for the session, you may be able to use a couple of locations.

When narrowing down, be sure to consider how public each location is. If there are typically a lot of people in a location, it will be difficult to get images without anyone else in them. The time of day could also affect this. Granted, your photographer should be able to minimize the look of crowds, but just keep that in mind!

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Send Your List to Your Photographer

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, send it to your photographer. Some locations might require a permit and/or fee. Typically, I like to have the narrowed down list at least 3 weeks before the session. This gives me enough time to research photography rules for each location and ensure it’s a good choice for lighting.

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Enjoy Your Engagement Session!

When you’ve got your final engagement photography locations secured, just focus on getting excited for your session! If you need ideas on clothing, check out my what to wear page and if you’re seeing this in 2023, you just might be able to snatch up one of these beautiful outfits from the video below.