February 15, 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Book a Bridal Portrait Session

Why should you book a bridal portrait session? I’ll be answering that question here on my blog today. Bridal portrait sessions boast some of the most beautiful images of brides. When included only on the wedding day, the session might only be 5-10 minutes, if you’re lucky. Having a separate bridal session at least a month before your wedding will give you a gorgeous variety of bridal portraits to include in your wedding gallery. Why you should book a bridal portrait session, 3 reasons bridal portrait sessions are a great idea

No Need to Rush on the Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding, you’ll realize it goes by so fast. The time your photographer has to take portrait pictures is probably limited considering the variety of images that must be captured. Family, bridal, and couple’s photos take up a considerable amount of time, giving just a few minutes for your photographer to take a stunning photograph of you. By having bridal portraits taken on a separate day, there’s no lack of time or rush to photograph you in your gown. French Countryside Chateau Wedding in Jongieux, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

You’ll Become More Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Bridal portrait sessions help you become more comfortable in front of the camera. Also, they’ll help you be better at posing so that on your wedding day, you’ll feel like a pro. It’s great to do your hair and makeup trial on the same day as your bridal portraits. The session ultimately shows you how everything you’ve envisioned for your wedding look will come together. Intimate San Diego Catamaran Resort Wedding on Mission Bay by Cavin Elizabeth

Portraits in More Locations

If your wedding is at a ballroom, consider going somewhere outdoors or vice versa. Let your photographer know your vision and they can help choose a location. You can also take bridal portraits in more than one location, though I recommend no more than two. There are no rules of what a standard bridal portrait has to look like. By doing a separate session, it gives you and the photographer the opportunity to get creative with the photography. Bridal portrait for a Vibrant Winter Wedding at Omni Rancho Las Palmas, Cavin Elizabeth Photography If you’re thinking that you now need bridal portraits before the wedding day, make sure to book your photographer, florist, and hair and makeup artist to complete your bridal look. I know it will be gorgeous!