December 20, 2018

Centerpieces on the Bride and Groom Table: What Not to Do

In another installment of my weekly wedding tips, I’m discussing centerpieces on the bride and groom table. Often, I find that certain arrangements simply don’t work well when placed in front of the couple. Whether distracting or blocking the view of the bride and groom, centerpieces matter when it comes to photos of you during toasts and candid reception moments.

Centerpieces on the Bride and Groom Table: What Not to Do 

Avoid Tall Arrangements in Front of Your Seats

Decorate your table as you like, first and foremost! My advice, from a photographer’s point of view, is to keep the centerpieces on the bride and groom table no taller than your necks. If the centerpiece is blocking your faces or too much of you necks, it looks awkward in candid photos from the front and even slightly at an angle. Sometimes I have to move a centerpiece to prevent this, but it can end up looking empty, so keep this in mind.

Guests also generally want to see your faces during the reception and if a large centerpiece is blocking you, it creates a sort of wall around the two of you. It might make people hesitate to approach you as you are so blocked off.


Long or Sweetheart Tables Work Best

For the bride and groom, long tables or a small sweetheart table work best for ensuring you can be easily seen in photos and by guests and are approachable. Round tables complicate both of those, as you’ll be surrounded by other people, arrangements, candles, plates, glasses, etc. It’s totally fine for guests, but not as great for couples’ seating at the wedding if photos are a priority for you.

Black and white romantic bride and groom portrait during their wedding reception, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

I hope you’ve enjoyed this advice on centerpieces on the bride and groom table. Although a small detail, it is certainly something to consider when planning your decor and flowers. Have a wonderful holiday season and stay tuned for next week’s tips!