November 8, 2018

When to Book Your Wedding Florist & How to Prepare for the Consultation

If you’re early in the planning process, you might be wondering when to book your wedding florist and what you need to know before speaking with potential options. I reached out to a few local florists to get their scoop on when you should book and also what you should know before the consultation. Read their wise words below!

When to Book Your Wedding Florist & How to Prepare for the Consultation
Organic Flora

Don’t Reach Out Before You Have a Date

I personally am a huge fan of waiting until you have a date and venue booked (or in the process of booking) before reaching out to any vendors that aren’t planners. Why? Well I can’t do much for you if I don’t even know your date! What if I book you without a date and then you choose the only available date at your dream venue and I am already booked? That would be a huge problem, especially as most vendors have non-refundable retainers. The same could happen with other vendors, so don’t jump the gun for reaching out to vendors. You’re probably so excited, but you should wait until you have a venue set in stone to contact florists and other vendors. Read on for more specific information about when to book your florist.

Pink peach and white floral installation over an archway with ghost chairs, Wedding at Estancia La Jolla, Cavin Elizabeth Photography
The Dainty Lion

Don’t Wait too Long to Book

“It’s great when clients book at least four months ahead! I’ve noticed that a lot of brides go back and forth on a handful of looks they like and this gives them enough time to really decide on what they want for their special day. Ideally, the floral budget should be somewhere around 10-15% of the entire wedding budget.

For those who are on a tight budget, it’s important to keep in mind that specialty blooms are expensive even at a wholesale level. So expectations in terms of specific kinds of specialty, out of season flowers or more elaborate looks should be commensurate to the amount of money you’re willing/able to spend. In talking to your florist, it’s important to be specific about what you want to see on your wedding day in terms of ambience. However, allow room for your florist to be creative and a little spontaneous – this is what will make the flowers at your wedding unique!”
Flor Vida
Epoch Design Terracotta, Ivory, and Mauve Wedding Invitations on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

Ideal Time to Book a Florist

“I’d say about 9 months is ideal, far enough to not potentially be booked but also not too far that the designer is still trying to focus on that month for the current year. Budget is key, what you’re comfortable spending but also how much over you may be willing to go if your ideas are quite lush/large/high end.

Venue would be great to know as well for planning out ideas and how much more labor is involved to get it/set up/strike that venue. Color palette, but be open to suggestions. Also come with trust. Trust we know what we’re doing, trust we know what flowers will work in the climate and month you’re getting married and trust that sometimes weird color combos can be really pretty together lol.

I always ask for photogs as well because let’s be honest, great photog=great pictures=hopefully some great pictures for my portfolio.” – Oak and Amble

Gift table with white peach and green floral arrangement and blue linen, Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Compass Floral

How to Find the Perfect Florist for You

“Look for a designer that you are confident can execute your vision. Take your time going through their work and be sure their style fits yours. Ask around about them. The wedding industry is a small one and each company has a reputation. Narrow your search and find out what that reputation is and be sure it fits your desires.

Speak with the designer briefly (by phone or email) and find out if they are the right fit prior to setting up a meeting. Do they have a minimum (most do)? Have they worked at your venue before (this doesn’t always matter but depending on the venue can be helpful)? Have they done plenty of weddings at the scale you’re looking for before?

Finally, prior to meeting your designer, be sure you have a good idea of what your budget is, as most floral designers try to customize a visual plan that is customized.” – Blush Botanicals

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Blush Botanicals