August 1, 2023

Luxury Wedding Gifts That Make a Lasting Impression

There is nothing wrong with giving a traditional gift at a wedding. After all, the whole point of a wedding registry is for the couple to get the things they want and need. But why not surprise the couple and treat them to something a little more special than the standard monogrammed towels or 12-piece dinner set?

Luxury wedding gifts that come from the heart rather than a gift registry are more thoughtful and will leave a lasting impression. So today, we’re sharing some of our top favorite wedding giftideas that will leave the couple grinning and forgetting all about that matching Tupperware set they asked for.
Luxury Wedding Gifts That Make a Lasting Impression. Get 10 ideas for gifting newly engaged brides and grooms.

1. A Personalized Photo, Video, or Painting

Nothing is more thoughtful than putting the time into creating a personalized piece of art for the couple. If you aren’t creative, you could commission a piece, pick up a paintbrush, or use digital software tools to craft something yourself.

You could paint a portrait of the couple, for example, or make a digital art piece of the lovely pair. You could even gather photos of the couple and edit them to make a special photo album to make the good times shine, such as by removing a boring background and replacing it with something more creative. Or you could create a personalized video for them, compiling all of their favorite memories.

2. Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

You could always lean into wedding superstitions for gift ideas. The wedding rhyme, something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new, comes from Victorian England and signifies a series of good luck charms. So in keeping with this tradition, you could get the bride a thoughtful, luxurious gift that’s blue, or something old, like vintage jewelry or a vintage brush and mirror set.
Westgate Hotel wedding with beautiful blue print curtains, Bride wearing french slate blue silk robe with floral lace and tulle flared bell sleeves from Robed with Love. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

3. A Pre-Wedding Planning Book

Of course, not all gifts need to be given at the wedding. You can also give the couple something before their big day after they get engaged. A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, for example, is full of helpful tips and insights to help plan a wedding, such as how to elevate their wedding photography.
A Bride's Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, wedding planning book and guide with tips for brides about how to have better wedding photography

4. A 5-Star Dining Experience

Gifts don’t have to be something tangible. Nothing says luxury more than giving a couple the gift of a fun experience, such as a certificate for dinner and drinks at a 5-star restaurant or their favorite place to dine. You could also gift them a certificate for the place they first place they went out to eat together when they met.

Dessert grand finale at The Addison Restaurant, luxury wedding gifts for experiences

5. Luxury Candle Set

Splurging on a $30 to $50 candle isn’t necessarily something the couple might purchase for themselves, but you can splurge for them. There are numerous luxury candle brands today that offer an assortment of heavenly scents. So why not treat the newlyweds to a gift that will have their home smelling like a luxury hotel or a high-end spa? It’s something that they and their visitors can enjoy.
colorful modern rooftop wedding at Andaz San Diego

7. A Stamp Address Embosser

How about a stamp embosser? When the couple sits down to write thank you letters for all their gifts, they can use the personalized address stamp instead of having to write their address out over and over again. This is one of those gifts that will last for years to come.

8. Monogrammed Wine Glasses and A Wine Tasting Experience

Monogrammed wine glasses are a stylish and thoughtful wedding gift, but you can take it a step further by providing them with a certificate for a wine-tasting experience to go along with the glasses. Again, experience gifts are fun and can help the couple make new memories together. If there isn’t a wine-tasting venue in their area, you could also simply buy them a few bottles of wine so they can create their own tasting experience at home.
A tray of white wine being passed around for guests to enjoy at a rehearsal dinner at Rancho Valencia. The tray is filled with glasses of chilled white wine, ready to be savored by guests. Cavin Elizabeth Photography.

9. Date Night In Recipe Book

Another unique yet popular wedding gift idea is a date night recipe book. Sometimes an intimate date night in is much more enjoyable than going out to a fancy dinner. But with a gift like this, the newlyweds can bring the fancy dinner home and learn how to cook up some amazing meals themselves.

10. Don’t Forget the Bridesmaids

This last one is for the bridesmaids or even the groomsmen in the wedding — because the newly wedded couple aren’t the only ones that can be gifted something to commemorate the special occasion.

A few thoughtful gift ideas for those in the wedding party include curated gift boxes, a selection of luxury boxed sweets, jewelry to wear for the wedding day, a nice bottle of champagne, a certificate for a spa day, or even a meal box subscription.
luxury wedding gifts for bridesmaids, bridesmaid gift ideas, get your bridesmaids something special for the wedding day

Thoughtful Luxury Wedding Gifts

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to buying the perfect wedding gift. If you want to give a gift that will make a lasting impression, give from the heart. Think about what makes the couple special or what they love doing together, add a personalized touch, think about the memories it will help them create, and again — give from the heart.