February 22, 2018

10 Ideas for Wedding Gifts for Newly Engaged Couples in 2018

Wondering what to gift brides and grooms-to-be this year? Hoping to give them something a little more fun than you gave couples last year? Today I’m sharing 10 ideas for wedding gifts for newly engaged couples. Any idea from this list will have your engaged friends, family members, or coworkers absolutely thrilled!
10 Ideas for Wedding Gifts for Newly Engaged Couples in 2018, what to buy as a gift for an engagement party

1. A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding

If you hadn’t heard, I recently published a book for brides and grooms about how to elevate the beauty of their wedding photography. A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding will teach photo-loving couples about small changes to their wedding plans that will make a huge impact on the beauty of their photos.

Choosing a talented photographer is just the first step in this process and my book will teach couples how to give their photographer a perfect canvas for magazine-worthy images. You can gift them a copy from Amazon in paperback or Kindle format!
A Bride's Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, Wedding planning book for brides

2. A Dining Experience

It’s no secret that between jobs and the added task of time-consuming wedding planning that couples sometimes stop date nights. Whether they have no time or they’re saving money for the wedding, their loss of date night is something you can give back to them.

Consider gifting them a certificate to cover a full dinner and drinks at their favorite restaurant. Alternatively, if they love to cook, you could gift them a week or two of a meal subscription service like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or Plated.
pink macarons, Cavin Elizabeth

3. Custom Paper Portrait

If you love personalized art and don’t mind splurging a little on the couple, these custom paper portraits from Brittani Rose Paper are divine!

Simply wait until the couple has had their engagement photos and ask them to send you their favorite. They might think you’re going to order them a print, but your actual gift will totally surprise them!
Brittani Rose Paper custom wedding portraits, paper wedding recreation

4. Return Address Stamp

Though it seems quite simple, many brides have loved receiving custom return address stamps. Not only can they use them for all wedding stationery, they can also use them for any mail they send out for the rest of their time in their home.
Twinkle and Toast neutral and gray and black wedding invitation suite with Mrs Box, Cavin Elizabeth Photography and Amorology

5. Map for Travelers

Does the couple travel often? Get them a map that can be customized with their names and wedding date that they can mark each trip they take.

As each year goes by, their map will have more and more trip markers to show where they’ve been together. The map will make for such a sweet keepsake and also a conversation piece for guests!
Hidden Castle Wedding Venue in Rancho Santa Fe, European looking wedding venues in San Diego and Southern California, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

6. Wine or Champagne

You can almost never go wrong with gifting a nice bottle of wine or champagne. Bonus points if you do a little research to see what kind they like or if you get them a bottle from their honeymoon location!
French Countryside Chateau Wedding in Jongieux, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

7. Offer to Host Their Shower

Offering to host a shower or engagement party for the couple will be such a lovely gesture. These days, as people live farther from friends and family, a lot of couples don’t have a traditional shower host around. By offering to host their shower, you’ll be giving them such an exciting experience that they’ll treasure.
Grey linen with organic white and peach and green floral centerpiece, Navy and magenta Details Details Holiday Party at Twenty Eight OC, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

8. Anything Kate Spade

From ring dishes to glassware to adorable robes and totes, anything Kate Spade is always a win! One of my favorite wedding gifts I’ve received so far is a chic ring dish that’s black and white from Kate Spade. I use it all the time!

Kate Spade bridal collection handbags shoes stationery and decor, Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Kate Spade wedding cake swan handbag purse, pink and white and black Kate Spade purse shaped like a three tiered wedding cake, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

9. Consult Their Registry

If your couple already has their registry public, making a purchase from it guarantees they’ll love what you choose. Plus, if you get to it early, you’ll have your pick of items.

Additionally, you can also do something really cute like send them coffee beans of their favorite blend and tell them not to use them yet. Closer to the wedding, you can gift them the coffee maker from their list and let them know they can now enjoy those beans they’ve been holding onto. Of course, you could apply this to non-coffee gifts as well!
Grey black and pink wedding inspiration tablescape with hanging floral installation, Cavin Elizabeth and Amorology

10. Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got time on your hands and love being creative and sneaky, you could send the couple on a fun scavenger hunt that perhaps includes some mini gifts along the way.

For example, the hunt could start at home then lead them to a few clues that send them to a cute bar where you’ve pre-purchased two drinks and stashed another clue. They will love the adventure and the fun of figuring out the clues and enjoying some treats along the way!
Newport Beach Engagement Photos at The Beachcomber by Cavin Elizabeth Photography