February 16, 2017

When You Should Schedule Engagement Photos

Many of my brides often ask me when they should schedule engagement photos. My answers are different typically depending on whether or not they need the photos for their Save the Date cards. Sometimes wedding decor or seasons impact scheduling your engagement photo session. Here, I’ll share those answers with you!

Using Engagement Photos for Save the Date Cards

If you are planning on using engagement photos for Save the Dates, schedule your engagement shoot photos around 10 months prior to your wedding. Commonly, Save the Date cards are sent 6-8 months before the wedding. I have a 2-3 week turnaround from shooting your engagement photos and returning them to you so this leaves about a month and a half to design and order your Save the Date cards. All photographers have different turnaround times, so be sure to ask this when meeting with your potential photographers. 

Adorable candid photo of a groom picking up the bride, Couple walking around at Joshua Tree, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Displaying Engagement Photos at Your Engagement Party

Other reasons to capture engagement photos early on is if an engagement party is scheduled and you’d enjoy sharing photos as fiancée and fiancé. Having and sharing engagement pictures with loved-ones is a phenomenal and incredible way to celebrate your love, your commitment, and your upcoming marriage.

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Using Engagement Photos in a Wedding Guest Book

If you would like to have a wedding guest book filled with engagement photos, scheduling an engagement session at least 3-4 months will leave enough cushion room to shoot, process, design, and produce the album. If you’d like to incorporate any engagement session photos at your wedding, scheduling a session at least 3-4 months prior to the big day is recommended.

When You Should Schedule Engagement Photos for Wedding Guest Book

Not Using Engagement Photos for Time Sensitive Events?

If none of former points affect your wedding planning, schedule your engagement photo shoots whenever. I have shot engagement sessions anywhere from 1 year before to 1 week before, although I absolutely recommend shooting them at least a month before the wedding. Usually it can be easier and more convenient to get them out of the way early on, but either way, definitely opt for a session as they are so important for the success of your wedding photos. 

Coronado engagement photos of a couple in formal clothing walking down the streets of the island, chic and sophisticated engagement clothing, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

It is easy to get overwhelmed and tempted to skip an engagement session shoot, but here are a few reasons to always take advantage of an engagement session. It is so valuable for both the photographer and the couple!