June 21, 2022

4 Things to Consider For Your Beach Wedding

Today’s post comes from guest blogger Tess DiNapoli about 4 things to consider for your beach wedding. Enjoy!

4 Things to Consider For Your Beach Wedding

1. Think about the Weather and Season

The many beautiful beaches around the world provide ample opportunity for anyone looking to
get married near the ocean. There’s so much diversity, it can be difficult to choose! Think about
a general vision you have for your wedding – would you like it to be warm and casual? Dramatic
and stately? Based on your preferences, you can select a region and time of year. Be sure to
check the climate for the best season to visit. The best time to visit the Bahamas is between
November and April!

2. Select Proper Attire

Once you have an area and season in mind, it’s time for the fun part: selecting what you’ll wear
on the big day. Since you’re getting married on a beach, lighter fabrics and casual cuts might be
preferred, but there’s a difference between getting married on a beach in Hawaii versus the
White Cliffs of Dover.

Bride and groom portrait, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Be sure to accessorize for the beach, too! For the bride and her bridesmaids, a hair accessory,
like a delicate hairpin, could be just the right touch to compliment a wedding ensemble while
keeping your hair from being too disheveled by those gusts of seaside air.
Some personalized wedding party gifts can also add a special touch, perhaps something
practical that could help people stay cool and comfortable. And don’t forget to offer plenty of
shade and sunscreen if your big day is on a hot day.

3. Decorate with the Locale in Mind

Decorate and plan around your gorgeous venue – tailor the event to the specific beach you
chose. Are you getting married surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean islands?
Simple, neutral color palettes will emphasize the tropical locale. Did you choose to hold your
ceremony next to Big Sur’s coastal redwoods? Strategic greenery and rustic touches will bring
out the picturesque surroundings. Plan little details that match your unique vision.

4. Consider your Guests

Accessibility is important, and sometimes beaches can present logistical difficulties. Keep the
comfort and abilities of your guests in mind, and consider a beach with fewer steps or a ramp
with wheelchair access. This will ensure that everyone is able to celebrate with you, and you
can focus on the most important part – enjoying the company of those you love.

Seaside locales provide naturally breathtaking visuals for couples looking to make their big day
unforgettable. No matter the beach you choose, whether it’s in the fall, winter, spring, or
summer, keep these considerations in mind for a unique, one-of-a-kind, and sensational beach

Bride and groom classic photo in front of the bay and sailboats. Bride wearing gown with long trail and veil. Tropical Wedding at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego photographed by Cavin Elizabeth

Author Bio

Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and world of fitness.