October 25, 2018

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors the Easy Way

Today I’m talking about how to choose your wedding colors. If you’re like me, coming up with colors or a theme for anything is a well thought out decision. I know that for my own wedding, I needed a lot of help nailing down the palette. Thankfully my planner, Amorology, was instrumental in aiding me in this process after seeing my inspiration board. If you are currently trying to figure out your color palette, these tips will ensure you’re off to a great start!
How to choose your wedding colors for your color palette, cohesive wedding color palette design how to 

1. Choose (and Book) Your Venue

You might be saying, “Wait, I thought we were talking about how to choose your wedding colors!” Well, we are! Choosing your venue is a great first step for choosing your colors. You could end up booking a venue, only to learn that all of your colors completely clash with the decor! Your colors should complement or enhance your venue so as not to have clashing tones.

White reception with white draping and carpet ceremony Pelican Hill Wedding - Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. Choose Your Wedding Style

Now that you’ve gotten your venue, you’ll need to choose your wedding style. Consider the season of the year, or don’t! That’s completely up to you. Ultimately, you want a cohesive theme and style running through your invitations, venue, bridal party attire, and decorations. Are you looking for a modern, contemporary wedding? Or a whimsical and romantic celebration? Deciding on an overall theme and style will help you ensure your colors fit the overall aesthetic of the wedding. For example, if you want a dreamy fine art wedding inspired by Europe, French blues, neutrals, and soft pastels would be a much better choice than red, black, and other dark or strong warm tones.

French Countryside Chateau Wedding in Jongieux, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Brainstorm Colors

For this stage, you can either brainstorm full palette combinations or you can choose several separate color options to narrow down later. You might find it easiest to pull these colors from your cohesive inspiration board. You can use Pinterest to start building a board of images with styles and color tones you adore.

Before you pull colors from Pinterest, do make sure that you’ve culled any distracting images from your board. You’ll want to make sure you are intentional with the images that make the final cut. Otherwise, you might end up with competing colors that don’t quite work together.

Colorful save the dates and color palette, Custom Save the Date Cards Twinkle and Toast with white paper and grey text and a floral border with pink peach and yellow paired with yellow envelopes, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

4. Hire a Planner

Of course, working with a seasoned and talented wedding planner will make this process even easier. It’s great to know how to choose your wedding colors either way, but I find that the experts are so good at creating a palette that will give you a cohesive wedding design. Once you’ve chosen your final palette, you can start selecting bridal party attire, decorations, and invitations. Be sure to send all of your vendors the same swatches to ensure color consistency.

Rose quartz velvet linen table with orange glassware and marble dinnerware, Pink peach violet and white floral arrangement, Wedding at Estancia La Jolla, Cavin Elizabeth Photography


The colors i have chosen are chiffon pink white and silver and its hard for me to see the colors together using google if you can help me out with that i would really appreciate it.

Hi Sandra,

I would suggest going to a fabric or paint store and finding your colors as samples in the store. You can then place them all together and see what you think!