June 8, 2017

Why You Should Use the Same Photographer for Your Engagement and Wedding Photos

When you use the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos, you’ve made an excellent choice. Although you might not initially realize it, using your friend for an engagement session and a different, professional photographer for your wedding doesn’t do your wedding photos any help.

By using the same photographer for both, you ensure that your wedding day images are the best they can be because of the comfort and trust that you built during the engagement session with your wedding photographer.


Engagement sessions are mostly about the couple getting to know their photographer, building trust, and becoming comfortable in front of a specific photographer’s camera. It matters who’s taking the photos because each photographer works differently.

If you were to have your engagement photos taken by a friend or someone who simply isn’t your wedding photographer, you simply won’t feel as comfortable on your wedding day. It isn’t so much the art of having experienced an engagement session, but rather the art of becoming acquainted with the person who’s capturing your wedding day that matters most.

It’s my goal to make you feel your most comfortable and natural, capture your genuine personalities, and learn what is most flattering for both of you. By learning these things during your engagement session, there’s no guesswork to be done on the wedding day.
Sophisticated & Darling Film Anniversary Session in San Diego by Cavin Elizabeth Photography on Contax 645


Every photographer works differently, so if you don’t use the same team, your wedding day photography won’t feel as familiar or comfortable. If you aren’t familiar with your photographer’s involvement level and style of direction, it can be off-putting and stressful.

The engagement session provides a glimpse of how you’ll feel being photographed at your wedding. I prefer to capture the events that naturally unfold in front of me, whereas another photographer may focus on staging or posing moments to look genuine.

Also, for the wedding day portraits, I give a specific style of directions and make adjustments to my couple’s poses to ensure that they look natural and also incredibly flattering. Other photographers may give little to no direction and some might give way too much direction. Knowing what to expect for your wedding will put your mind at ease.


Use the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos to ensure a cohesive style of imagery and aesthetic for all your engagement and wedding shots. Because you have so much on your mind the day-of, having an engagement shoot and seeing the engagement photos, secures all faith in your photographer to succeed and follow your photography needs and style.

It would be a shame, and truly distracting, to have a large compilation of photos with two or more aesthetics. My work is elegant, light, and airy while others may emphasize on high saturation, eccentric lighting, or sharp and geometric elements.

For example, if you ever wanted to frame your engagement and wedding photos in your home, you would absolutely want them to have the same aesthetic to complement each other beautifully. This is yet another wonderful reason to use the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos!


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