October 18, 2022

9 Must Read Wedding Tips for 2023 Brides

Newly engaged? You’re in the right place! I’m sharing 9 must read wedding tips for 2023 brides (& grooms too!). These are tips that are vital to your photography, timeline, wedding planning, and general wedding knowledge.

I’m sharing some small tidbits in this blog and expanding upon them even more in my embedded Youtube video down below. If you’re not already subscribed to my channel, it’s a must! I post weekly wedding planning content full of advice and inspiration for couples.

9 Must Read Wedding Tips for 2023 Brides, 9 Important Wedding Day Planning Tips

9 Must Read Wedding Tips for 2023 Brides

1. Steam Your Getting Ready Robes – If you’re investing in cute robes or pajamas for the wedding morning, make sure they are wrinkle free. Wash and air dry them or steam them if they cannot be washed at home. Wrinkled robes are not a good look in photos!

2. Bridesmaid Makeup/Hair – Triple check with your bridesmaids who wants pro beauty services before the wedding day. Last minute add-ons can wreck the timeline.

3. Family Drama/Disabilities – Tell your photographer about any difficult family situations like divorces or any disabilities that might make family/group photos more difficult and require more careful planning and execution.

Groom and groomsmen in black tuxedos with bridesmaids in mix match pink gowns and Groom in a black tux walking with bride wearing a colorful Marchesa blue and pink floral long sleeve couture gown with floral appliques on the Aria Lawn for bridal party portraits. Fairmont Grand del Mar wedding published on Martha Stewart Weddings
4. Venue’s Portrait Locations – When choosing a venue, make sure you consider its portrait location offerings. If it only has one good spot for couple photos, is that sufficient for you?

5. Choose Venues to Cater to Your Photo Style – Want light and airy photos and that’s a top priority? Then choose venues that have light backdrops and tons of natural light (i.e. outdoor venues with wide open landscapes). Want moody? Go with darker locations.

6. Don’t Dirty Your Dress – Especially if you have a “plain” fabric dress like silk, don’t wear face makeup to alterations appointments. You rick touching your face and transferring makeup onto the dress.

Wedding Dress Alterations in San Diego at The White Flower
7. Stationery vs Stationary – Wedding invitations are stationery with an “e” as in elegant or envelope. Stationary with an “a” refers to an unmoving object.

8. Want Truly Candid Photos? – Ignore the photographer when you see the camera! Don’t immediately freeze and smile at the camera. Let yourself forget it’s there!

9. Want Great Music/Entertainment? – Ask your planner or photographer for band or DJ referrals. They are the vendors who spend hours at receptions and truly know how good those DJs and bands you’re interested might be.