December 5, 2019

5 Elegant Ways to Incorporate Black into Your Wedding

Black will forever be the new black. There’s just something so elegant and sophisticated about this inky hue. If you’re one of those who has a closet full of black ensembles and you strongly believe that there are actually many different shades of black, you’ll probably want to incorporate this color into your wedding. From small accents to big statements, read on here for the trendiest ways to add a touch of sable to your special day.


Onyx Cake

Whether you opt for an all-black cake with textured accents or you add just hints of darkness in the embellishments, your cake is an ideal place to integrate a nod to your inner goth. Consider which colors work best with a dark cake and design something with your baker that really stands out. Some of the best hues to consider to balance out a Stygian cake include gold, shades of burgundy and pink, and white. You could even put together a marble coating on your cake with deep black veining or ask for a galaxy mirror glaze that looks like the outer reaches of space!

Black wedding cake black cake ideas by Hey There, Cupcake! in San Diego 

Bridesmaids Dresses

Black bridesmaids dresses are the perfect choice for winter weddings. With you in white and your girls in black, you’ll really stand out from the crowd. The black dresses will also look amazing as you pair your bridesmaids with groomsmen also wearing black.

If you decide to embrace this styling, you will be creating an incredibly formal wedding ambiance. Let your guests know about the dress code and colors, so they don’t come underdressed or show up wearing black too! Unless you want guests and bridal party blending together in photos, ask that people refrain from wearing black to your event.

Bride in Anne Barge sweetheart gown with red ivory and mauve bouquet and bridesmaids in black dresses at Green Acre Campus Pointe Wedding, photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

Jewelry and Accessories

Another more subtle option to incorporate black at your wedding is with jewelry. Onyx especially is a hard stone that has been used in jewelry for centuries. For the Greeks, Egyptians, and Native American tribes, it was seen as a protective stone that kept negative energy and thoughts from affecting you.

Since you’re probably already thinking about buying your bridal party gifts, why not choose onyx jewelry they can wear for your wedding? Cufflinks for the men and earrings, cocktail rings, or bracelets for the women are a classic choice.

Black druzy ring in gold by Love Tatum 

Formal Engagement Photo Attire

You don’t have to have black around on your actual wedding day! What if you wore elegant formal attire for your engagement photos? Your engagement photos really set the tone for your wedding, so if you’re aiming for upscale and sophisticated, wear a black and gold formal gown or a sleek black cocktail dress to elevate your style.

Bride in black off shoulder long sleeve gown and groom in suit. Hotel Del Coronado Engagement Photos on the Beach on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography. 

The Dress

A black wedding dress is a bold move, but it isn’t completely out of the ordinary. Not every bride wants the traditional white or champagne dress — and that’s okay! Bring a little dark glamour to your wedding day with a sable dress that’s really unique. Ballgown silhouettes, lace details, and layers upon layers of chiffon guarantee that your dress will be a major standout.

Bride in a black long sleeve lace Marchesa couture gown. Groom in a black suit and tie. Couple walking together with dreamy lighting. San Diego Anniversary Photos in Balboa Park on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 
Choose some or all of these black options for your wedding festivities and create the event of your dreams!

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