October 3, 2023

30 Day Wedding Countdown – What to Do the Month of

Looking for a thorough 30 day wedding countdown? While this list may not include everything individual couples need to do, it’s a great general guide for what to do the month before your wedding.

30 Day Wedding Countdown: 3-4 Weeks Prior

Apply for your marriage license, unless your state requires you to do this earlier or sooner than 30 days!

Double-check the final balances for your vendors – tip: pay some off early so you’re not paying them all off at once.

Schedule a hair appointment at least 4 weeks before your wedding if you need a cut and color prior to the wedding day. If you like the look of slightly grown out roots, time the actual appointment appropriately before the wedding.

Contact missing RSVPs to confirm attendance.

Epoch Design Terracotta, Ivory, and Mauve Wedding Invitations on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Shop for honeymoon clothing. You’ll be taking a lot of photos, so choose options that you’ll love snapping pics in.

Give your band or DJ a list of do and do not play songs. Think about the vibes you want for your party!

Ensure your day-of signage, like place cards, menus, programs, and seating chart or escort cards, are written unless you’re hiring someone. In that case, arrange for proper delivery and setup.

Write your vows if you are planning personalized vows.

Shop for wedding party gifts – do this earlier if you want to get them personalized.

At least three weeks before, schedule any manicures and beauty treatments for the week before the wedding.

Sugarfina Jonathan Adler candy set that would make a great chic bridesmaid gift, image by Cavin Elizabeth

30 Day Wedding Countdown: 2 Weeks Prior

Around 2 weeks before, have your final wedding dress fitting. Bring someone to learn the bustle. Schedule a steaming and pickup for the days leading up to the wedding.

Pack your welcome bags unless you’re hiring someone to do this. Do it early in case you run out and need to order extra.

Organize your favors if you’re doing favors in case you need to order extra items.

Around this time, confirm the wedding timeline with your coordinator/planner.

Welcome box gift items with topo chico mineral water, electrolyte mix, immune support mix, biscuits, and cookies. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

The Final 7 Days

A week before, assign a person to collect the gifts and leftover décor at the end of the wedding night to send to your home or take to your hotel room after the wedding ends.

Check the weather and see if you need to arrange for any rain plan items.

A few days before, give the timeline to a responsible bridesmaid and groomsman.

Bride in a Carolina Herrera silk v neck gown with bridesmaids in mix match blue pattern dresses at the Hacienda at Rancho Valencia. Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Pack your suitcase and also a small wedding day emergency kit with bandaids, bobby pins, safety pins, ibuprofen or Tylenol, fashion tape, and any other items you might need.

The night before, prep your wedding party and family about the next day’s events and photos.

On the day of, make sure you pay any remaining balances, give out any tips (giving them to the planner to pass out is great!), and try to pass off responsibilities to other people to relax!