November 1, 2022

6 Wedding Disasters & How to Prevent or Fix Them

Are you feeling a little anxious about wedding planning and wondering what wedding disasters might lie around the corner? I’ve written about 6 different scenarios below and how you can prevent them from happening or solve them in the moment. Not a fan of reading? I’ve embedded my YouTube video at the end of this post so you can watch instead. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly wedding advice and inspiration.

6 Wedding Disasters & How to Prevent or Fix Them. Things that go wrong at weddings and how you can prevent them from happening. Click to read and make sure to save!

1. Malicious person cancelling your vendors: Is there someone in your life who might try to make changes to your vendor contracts or cancel them outright? Any chance of this happening – tell your vendors at the time of signing that only written agreements coming from your exact email can make contract changes- perhaps even a specific password is required.

2. Your venue cancels due to a flood/structural damage/etc – Great reason to have a dedicated wedding planner so they can immediately step in and help you with their connections. Also a great reason to have wedding insurance before you begin booking vendors.

3. Rain – Always have a rain plan. If your venue has indoor spaces, then you should be fine. If not, and you live somewhere with a chance of rain consider having a tent rental on hold as this is one of the wedding disasters that is easily solvable even if the solution is not ideal.

Wedding first dance. Groom in black tuxedo and bride in Madi Lane A-line dress with a traditional bustle. Photographed by San Diego film photographer Cavin Elizabeth.
4. One of your vendors doesn’t show uphaving a planner is so important. They communicate with vendors ahead of time. Make sure you or the planner has heard from every vendor and confirmed arrival time ahead of the wedding. If a vendor does no show, the coordinator can handle logistics sometimes without you ever knowing. Otherwise your family will need to step in and resolve the issue. Watch my video below for more help if you don’t have a planner.

5. A family member is causing drama – Tell vendors in advance about any family drama so they are prepared. Tell wedding party members to help mediate. If it gets bad enough, you can ask the planner or catering manager to kick them out.

6. The sound cuts out and you have no music – Nothing’s worse than a silent interruption on the dance floor. Find someone who might have brought a portable speaker set to the hotel or in their car and get the music going again. Or grab a phone and set it to something people would sing along with on the dance floor. Near some cars? Have someone turn on their car’s speakers! Anything to break silence.