August 29, 2023

Wedding Dress Steaming + Accessories: What Brides Should Know

Wedding dress steaming is the process of applying the steam from hot water to the dress to release wrinkles and make the fabrics smooth. On the wedding day there are several items you will want steamed. Some of these are best to have steamed ahead of the wedding day and some you will need to steam on the day. Suits and tuxes get pressed ahead of time or ironed, not steamed.

Wedding Dress Steaming + Accessories: What Brides Should Know

Wedding Dress Steaming

Ensure your wedding dress is steamed professionally ahead of time by a bridal boutique or an alterations team. The cost for this could be $50-$300 depending on the city, your dress silhouette/fabrics, how close to the wedding day you’re steaming, and if you need delivery. Dresses have many layers and a professional will do it perfectly. Some places will come steam on site.

Alternatively, you can buy a steamer to do it yourself (you may also want one anyway for touch ups). Just ask your boutique if your dress is ok to steam, because some fabrics won’t actually work with a steamer and instead require pressing. Always steam from underneath the dress. Most importantly, don’t wait until the day of the wedding to do this!

Captured on film, the beautiful bride stuns in an elegant fitted Oleg Cassini lace wedding dress with an illusion back with pearl buttons and a chic updo adorned with a pearl and crystal hair comb. She is holding a large colorful bouquet with a coral charm peony, blue sweet peas, peach and orange ranunculus, white roses, yellow flowers, and greenery.

Bridesmaid Dress Steaming

Your wedding deserves pristine bridesmaid and mothers’ dresses. Wrinkly bridesmaid dresses look terrible! You can get these professionally steamed, on average, for $25-100. Alternatively, you can steam these dresses yourself several hours before they need to be worn. They need time to dry. Hang them up high with space around the dress and work in between layers. Don’t linger too long in any one spot.

Sage green velvet short sleeve bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid bouquet with white sweet peas, ranunculus, and roses mixed with subtle pops of warmth with blush and terracotta roses. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Steaming Wedding Robes & Bridesmaid Robes

Do not wear wrinkly robes or pajamas for photos. It distracts from how cute they are. Steam them yourself with a handheld steamer. Worst case scenario, you can hang them up in a bathroom and turn the shower on hot with the door closed. Keep them away from the direct water flow. It will produce steam in the bathroom that may get some wrinkles out. This is my go to vacation hack for my everyday clothes!

Bride and bridesmaids popping champagne over brunch wearing pink silk longsleeve pajamas. Wedding Robes and pajamas ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Wedding Table Linens

Couples rarely have their table linens steamed, unfortunately. This makes their wrinkles and folds very noticeable on the ends of tables. I usually notice bad wrinkling the most on the head/sweetheart table, escort card table, and the cake table – these are tables that are most heavily photographed. You will likely have to pay extra to have these steamed on site by the planner’s team or by the rental company. You can potentially ask for just the main table or two to be steamed.

If you are going to have someone from your family or friends steam them make sure you have permission from the rental company. Know that if you damage their linens you will have to pay for the entire cost of the linen. You’ll likely need a long extension cord to ensure the handheld steamer reaches each table.

Arroyo Terrace lawn reception with a mix of wooden round and long farm tables left bare. Brown wooden crossback chairs with ivory cushion. Escort card table with a large floral arrangement made from white roses, dahlias, delphinium, and greenery. Cavin Elizabeth Photography.

Stress-Free Wedding Steaming

Opt for hiring professionals if you want to save yourself stress. A bridal boutique like mine will steam just about any wardrobe item you can think of. We can steam anything and everything. A planner/rental company can steam onsite linens which ensures your entire wedding photographs perfectly. Remember to buy a steamer for any bridesmaids who didn’t professionally steam their dresses and for any touch ups for your dress.

Westgate Hotel wedding, best getting ready photos tips and advice, floral arrangement with blush and mauve roses on a pink patterned linen with candles, macarons, fruit, and pastries for the bride and bridesmaids. Oak Louis chairs with green print French fabric. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

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