July 5, 2022

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas: What to Wear as a Bridesmaid

Looking for bridesmaid dress ideas and just not sure what to wear as a bridesmaid? Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, this post and video will show you the different combinations of gowns most commonly seen at weddings.

You’ll be equipped to make the best choice for your personal style and if you’re a bride, the one that best suits all of your bridesmaids’ figures and personalities. Make sure to watch the video below to see all of the different kinds of bridesmaid dresses and where to buy them!

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas - What to wear as a bridesmaid. Click the photo to learn more.

The Bride’s Vision Vs The Bridesmaids’ Styles

We’ve probably all been in a wedding where we wore a bridesmaid dress we didn’t care for – whether it was the color or the neckline. Perhaps it was even the silhouette we didn’t think flattered our body.

It can be a challenge choosing bridesmaid dresses that suit every single bridesmaid – which is why many brides are now giving their ‘maids a choice of the dress they wear. Whether that choice lies in the color, neckline, or total freedom with any dress out in the world as long as it coordinates the wedding color palette.

Wedding party photo with mix match bridesmaid dresses with spring colors and bride with colorful pink bouquet. Rancho Valencia wedding. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Buying a “Bridesmaid Dress” Vs a “Formal Dress”

Before the last 5-10 years, most bridesmaids were exclusively wearing bridesmaid dresses that were exclusively made as “bridesmaid dresses.” In the last few years, I have seen more and more bridesmaids wearing dresses that are simply just formal dresses. It expands your options and allows for a fresh take on the wedding party look.

Bride in Carolina Herrera silk v neck gown with pink and ivory bridal bouquet with ivory ribbon and bridesmaids in mix match blue print pattern dresses for a wedding at Rancho Valencia. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

The Different Bridesmaid Dress Options and Where to Buy Them

In my YouTube video below, I discuss the several configurations of bridesmaid dresses you could choose for your wedding party look. Additionally, I provide multiple options for where you can purchase or rent the dresses. Please note that tailoring dresses is highly recommended as this looks so much better in photos (you cannot tailor rented dresses though).