July 1, 2020

5 Tips for Staying Cool During Hot Weddings in the Summer

Yes, I’m talking about heat! Staying cool during hot weddings can mean the difference between passing out or looking sweaty in your photos and enjoying your wedding in its entirety. While I honestly recommend against getting married in July or August in a city that’s known for above 90F temperatures, that might not always be possible. Here are my 5 tips for staying cool at weddings this summer:

5 Tips for Staying Cool During Hot Weddings 

1. Hydrate Constantly + Water Stations

This one is kind of a no-brainer, however many couples and guests forget to hydrate during hot weddings. Make sure you have water stations anywhere where guests will be outside. This is an absolute must for you, your guests, and your vendors!

Cocktail hour with fruit flavored water at Pelican Hill, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. Stay Inside Until the Ceremony

If you have the ability to take pre-ceremony portraits inside, do it! When I am shooting a wedding above 90F, I make use of window light so I can keep my brides inside. Taking them outside would cause them to sweat and their makeup might run, so we do it sparingly. Stay inside as long as possible or keep outdoor pre-ceremony portraits brief and in the shade.

Natural bridal makeup and hair with glamorous waves shot on film, Intimate Wedding at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla by Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Glamorous and chic bride holding a bridal bouquet made with ivory, blue, and green flowers on film, Intimate Wedding at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

3. Consider Draping for Shade

I love the look of open-sided drapery that provides shade for ceremonies and receptions. You still get the breeze from the sides and the views, but the sun’s power is cut down from the draping. That can make the world of a difference for staying cool during hot weddings!

Wedding ceremony blush chuppah at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage Palm Springs, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

4. Schedule Your Ceremony 1.5 Hours Before Sunset

If possible, schedule your ceremony to end about 1.5 to 1 hour before sunset. If you have an earlier ceremony, the sun will be stronger and much hotter. Plus, lighting will be better if you wait about an hour and a half before sunset. It’s so worth it!


5. Choose Attire Carefully

If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, perhaps don’t choose the largest gown with the most layers. Be realistic about the weather, as discomfort and climate misery never translates to happy faces on camera. Trust me when I say that wedding gowns are hot, even if they don’t have many layers. Do yourself a favor and choose wisely. Also, consider that the groom and groomsmen might also want to choose their attire carefully and avoid thicker fabrics that don’t breathe well.
Bridal party film portrait at Temecula Wedding at Villa De Amore, Cavin Elizabeth Photography