April 17, 2018

How I Chose My Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist

If you haven’t caught my last posts in my wedding planning series, be sure to check out how we chose our planner and our florist. Today I’m focusing on beauty and explaining how I chose my wedding hair and makeup artist. I’m also sharing a few tips for how to find the right artist and a few things you should consider when searching and booking your team!
How I chose my wedding hair and makeup artist for my San Diego wedding

Main Considerations

One of the most important aspects of choosing a beauty artist for a wedding is to find someone whose work you love. You should also choose an artist whose work photographs beautifully. I’ve worked with artists in the past whose makeup did not photograph well and you could see so much texture on the bride’s face, so this was something I wanted to avoid! If you have a photographer, ask them for recommendations as they know exactly whose work looks great on camera. They’ve spent hours and hours staring at skin on computer screens, so they’ll know better than most!

For me personally, I wanted to be able to work with one single team for hair and makeup. I didn’t want to deal with two separate contacts and organizing them, paying separately, etc. It was far easier for me to choose a team that provided both services!

Another thing I considered when booking was the minimum person/dollar amount required by the artist. I have a very small bridal party, so I wanted to make sure the artist could accommodate that. Thankfully mine listed a minimum dollar amount that I was able to meet by adding in a second wedding day hair look (yes, I’ll rock two different hair styles!).


10.11 Makeup

10.11 Makeup is based in Orange County and is available for travel. I absolutely adore their style of makeup and the range of stunning hair styles they are able to create, which is why I chose them for my wedding hair and makeup. I’m beyond thrilled to be working with 10.11 and am so excited for them to do my engagement look in August and my wedding in April!
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