January 4, 2018

Tips for Getting Healthy and Fit Before Your Wedding

If your pre-wedding goals include getting healthy and fit, this post will help you achieve that! These ideas will help you form lifelong habits in addition to feeling more confident for your wedding day. Getting healthy and fit before your wedding, tips for looking your best for your wedding day

Find an Enjoyable Fitness Activity

Consider different exercise regimes than ones you’ve tried before. There are so many different options when it comes to staying fit. You can choose to exercise at home, join a gym, or sign up for group fitness classes. My personal favorite is Club Pilates. Some studios, like Pure Barre, offer bride-to-be packages which include membership for three months.

San Diego has so many beautiful places to walk around including Torrey Pines trails or any beach! Have a friend commit to walking with you every Tuesday and Thursday morning before work and you will be getting in shape while spending time with friends. Getting Healthy and Fit Before Your Wedding by hiking mountains and trails

Eat Wisely

To make you not only feel more energized, but also to get your body in better shape, stick to a healthy eating plan. Try to eat more vegetables and whole foods and less processed foods, dairy, and red meat. By focusing on what to add, you won’t fret so much about what you’re taking out. Be sure to give yourself one cheat meal per week to stay sane! If this is a struggle for you, you’ll love my tips on sticking to your wedding diet. Eight4Nine Wedding in Palm Springs, 849 wedding in Palm Springs reception, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Hair and Nail Health

Be sure that your hair and nails are ready for your pictures by taking biotin or pre-natal vitamins. These increase the strength in both your hair and nails. Treat your nails to a few pedicures before your wedding day, you want to make sure that you know how you want them done and this gives you time to try a few different ideas that you may have in mind.

As for your hair, try to refrain from using heating products in excessive amounts as this makes your hair dry and can break easily. Also be sure that you are not doing any new chemical processes to your hair too close to the wedding day, you can never be 100% sure how your hair will react. French Countryside Chateau Wedding in Jongieux, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Flawless Skin

Treat your skin well. Make an appointment with a dermatologist if needed, especially if your skin is extra dry or oily. Get a few facials in the months leading up to your wedding, especially if you are going to have a winter wedding because the winter air causes everyone to have dry skin. Check out my post on beautiful bridal skin for more skin tips. Bride getting ready for her wedding, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

A Beautiful Smile

If you are going to whiten your teeth, there are many options for you to look into. You can choose to go to your dentist and have them professionally done. You can also get a gel set from your dentist that you can do at home that is about the same cost as going to the dentist, but in the convenience of your own house. You can also buy over the counter whitening strips which are effective but do not whiten as many shades as going to the dentist does. Getting healthy and fit before your wedding applies to your body and your mind, so try not to get too stressed out over little things. Be sure to take time to yourself during this busy planning process. And if you’re curious about yogi Kathryn Budig’s tips on this subject, you’ll love her interview with me.