March 2, 2017

4 Important Reasons Why You Need Getting Ready Photos

I always giggle a little when couples tell me they don’t need getting ready photos. While I think such images are absolutely gorgeous, there are other reasons why you need getting ready photos! Below, I’m discussing why this time of day is crucial to the photographer and your final wedding gallery.

Why you need getting photos for your wedding

1. Photographer’s Warm Up Time

When I arrive at a wedding, I strongly prefer to have a little quiet warm up time to get my creative juices flowing. It’s a little hectic to show up to a wedding, meet everyone quickly, and begin shooting them formally. Instead, I love arriving early to say hello before moving into a quiet space to work on your details. This time provides me with the opportunity to observe the emotions in the room, shoot your gown and other items, and remove any pre-wedding stress I had about shooting the day.

Without this time, I can still absolutely do a beautiful job; however, it does allow me a better opportunity to warm up for the day. This is one of the most major reasons why you need getting ready photos!

Round diamond solitaire engagement ring with halo inside of a raspberry Mrs Box, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

2. Time to Photograph Your Details

Without getting ready photos, you will have little to no detail shots of your gown, shoes, jewelry, and any other important wedding detail. I prefer not to bother my couples to give me their rings later in the day and I certainly don’t want to ask the bride to remove her gown or shoes or any other accessory. Also, this is the time when I shoot the invitations alongside your jewelry, veil, etc. 

When I’m given two hours of getting ready coverage time, I’m able to beautifully photography your wedding details in a cohesive manner, as well as photography you in your last moments before marriage.

http:// invitation white with pink flowers white and black, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

3. Ensuring Bridal Party and Parents Become Comfortable with the Camera

Another amazing perk of getting ready photos is that while photographing this time, the bridal party and family members present are able to become acquainted with my camera. They relax more and feel more comfortable around me after I’ve been with them for an hour or two. The result of this is that you’ll have more beautiful bridal party portraits because everyone feels much less nervous in front of my camera. 

Indian Wells Golf Resort wedding bridal party photos, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

4. Moments and Memories for Your Gallery and Album

Lastly, it’s vital to understand that getting ready is a larger part of your wedding day than you might realize. These are your last moments as a single lady or man; emotions are running high and the moments of you being surrounded with your closest friends and family are absolutely so touching. You will want these images in your final wedding gallery, not to mention your wedding album!

Why You Need Getting Ready Photos for Your Wedding

Why You Need Getting Ready Photos for Your Wedding