July 25, 2019

Achieving Beautiful Bridal Skin for Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day and even for your engagement session, you’ll want to feel confident in your skin. What you don’t want is dry, breakout-prone skin that leaves you feeling insecure or frustrated. Today, I’ll talk about achieving beautiful bridal skin with a few of my own personal tips.

I was one of those women who had really awesome skin throughout my teen years. Sure, I had a small breakout here and there, but never anything too bad. When I hit my 20s, my skin took a turn for the worse.

I broke out constantly and never experienced much relief, only embarrassment. I tried expensive prescription creams and pills with no luck. Finally, I found a routine and lifestyle habits that have brought me to a place where I’m much happier with my skin.

Achieving Beautiful Bridal Skin for Your Wedding Day 

1. Reduce Sugar Intake

This was DIFFICULT for me in a way I can’t even describe. When I did begin to reduce my sugary sweets, I began to notice an improvement in my skin.
Also, try to add in more fresh leafy greens and healthier foods. That’s never hurt anything!

Bride in yellow flowy dress and groom in navy suit, The Prado wishing well engagement film photos by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. Daily Multivitamins

I swear I must have been extremely deficient in at least one vitamin. When I began taking daily Flintstones (don’t judge!) chewables with Iron, I saw a huge improvement in my breakouts. Now, I never miss a single day.

Bridesmaids in tropical palm leaf print short dresses carrying bouquets with palm leaves and pink anthurium. Ceremony white pergola site with large white planters filled with palm leaves and paddle cactus plants covered in blush and fuchsia pink flowers. Riviera Palm Springs Wedding by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Moisturize

To me, I always hated rubbing products into my skin when it was under a breakout. It felt bad on my fingers and seemed like it would cause more breakouts, especially if it was a facial oil.

Thankfully, I found Josie Maran’s Light Argan Oil. I now use it before my primer and after I shower. It’s magic and helps prevent dryness that’s hard to conceal with makeup.

Bridesmaids in french blue dressed and bride in strapless lace gown with groom and groomsmen in air force tuxedos. Bouquets with anemones, greenery, ivory, and blush flowers in front of a large floral arch captured on film. Wedding at Humphreys Half Moon Inn by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

4. Avoid Touching/Picking at Skin

The more you touch your face, the more likely you are to leave behind oils and bacteria that further break out your skin. My largest culprit was resting my face in my hands during work hours.

Bride in long pink ruffle dress and groom in blue suit walking by cyprus trees. La Quinta Resort Engagement Photos on Film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

5. Use a Better Laundry Detergent

Throw your pillow and any towels you use on your face into the wash much more often. As we sleep, we dirty our pillow with oils and bacteria. Changing them out more often can make a huge difference. I use All Free and Clear because my skin is super sensitive to fragrance.

Bride holding a honey dipper wearing a Marchesa couture gown with blush feathers, gold lines, and floral embellishments. Honey and Beekeeper Inspired Wedding on sunrise terrace patio at Rancho Valencia on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

6. Exercise

Exercise can improve your mood and decrease stress levels and give you better bridal skin. Acne can sometimes be caused by stress, so exercising could have a positive effect on your skin. Fitness improvements before your wedding are always a great idea!

View of Golden Gate Bridge with Bride in fuschia pink dress and groom in light blue button down and jeans. Baker Beach Engagement Session in San Francisco by Cavin Elizabeth 

7. Consider a Birth Control Known for Clearing Skin

Not all birth control pills/methods have positive effects on acne and dry skin. Some might actually give you more breakouts!

Do your research and talk with your doctor to see if there is a birth control pill that will improve your skin. Ortho Tri-Cyclen, for example, is one of the best known pills for better skin.

Bride with loose curled updo, natural soft makeup and a deep v silk tulle wedding gown with floral embellishments in front of a rocky beach cliff for her wedding at Montage Laguna Beach. Film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography. 

8. Experiment

What works for me might not work for you. My suggestion is to try new methods and find what works best for you to achieve your desired bridal skin. For me, I ditched drying prescription creams and found that the above tips worked wonders for my skin.