July 28, 2016

Should Brides Feed Their Photographers? Hint: Yes!

Answering quite the popular question today, “Should brides feed their photographers?” The answer, almost always, is yes! The only time I don’t think photographers have to be fed is if their contract doesn’t require it AND their coverage is only for a few hours. Otherwise, it’s always a fantastic gesture that will ultimately ensure your reception photos look just as beautiful as your getting ready shots ;-)

Should Brides Feed Their Photographers

1. No Lunch Break

Photographers don’t really get a lunch break or much of a break at all, for that matter. We’re on our feet all day long shooting your beautiful moments and thus, don’t have the opportunity to leave for food, cook, or even sit down for more than a handful of minutes to eat dinner.

2. Physical + Mental Recharge

Come dinner time, I get pretty hungry and I’m sure you do too! Imagine not eating a nice, hot meal and then having to lug around 10 pounds of gear and be quick enough in your reaction time to capture split-second moments. Pretty tough, right?

Being fed a great meal at the wedding is something that photographers agree recharges their body and their mind. It’s like a much needed refueling that helps us keep up our game for the rest of the evening.

Should brides feed their wedding photographers?, Waters Catering tuna dish over rice for wedding receptions on a black plate and white charger with gold flatware by Aisle Planner, photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Hot Meals > Sad, Boxed Meals

Let’s face it, a warm and fresh dinner goes a long way. You know what doesn’t? A sad day-old sandwich and chips in a pre-packaged vendor box. Seriously, there is something incredibly refueling about eating a quality of food that you happen to also be serving your guests.

Although, yes, it will cost you more money to provide your photographer with a guest meal, it’s absolutely worth the cost. Your photographer is with you all day. They’re there for your most important moments and will be providing you with the most treasured images of your life. Giving your shooters a fantastic hot meal is a gesture very much appreciated!

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Thanks for being such an awesome couple and realizing that feeding your photographers is a wonderful thing to do!

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