June 24, 2020

Choosing a Wedding Photographer | It’s Not Only About the Budget

Whenever I get an email that only says, “We need pricing!” I can instantly tell that I won’t likely be shooting that wedding. Technically there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that kind of email. That said, it tells me the bride cares only about budget and not as much about my personality, level of service, etc. when choosing a wedding photographer.

As I’m a full service wedding photographer, I photograph weddings for brides and grooms who highly value a personalized experience, help with photography-related wedding plans, and unique personal touches. By only price shopping, a couple might miss out on having a photographer who provides such services.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer | It's Not Only About the Budget 

Trust and Comfort Matter

Budget shouldn’t be the only, or even primary, concern when choosing a wedding photographer. Of course it’s significant, though couples don’t often realize their photographer will spend hours with them on the wedding day. It’s important to connect with potential photographers over a call or meeting to see how comfortable you feel with them. They’ll be with you for nearly every minute of your wedding day, so you’ll need to love their personality and be comfortable with their photography approach.

choosing a wedding photographer not just based on budget 

Connect with Your Potential Photographers

Take advantage of consultations and phone calls. Don’t just price shop your way into a decision via email. Choosing a wedding photographer entails far more than pricing. Take the search seriously and get to know each potential photographer.

Bridesmaids in french blue dressed and bride in strapless lace gown with groom and groomsmen in air force tuxedos. Bouquets with anemones, greenery, ivory, and blush flowers in front of a large floral arch captured on film. Wedding at Humphreys Half Moon Inn by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

Book an Engagement Session

I highly recommend booking engagement sessions with the SAME wedding photographer you’re hiring for the wedding day. Every photographer works differently. You’d never do your rehearsal with a different officiant, so why should photos be any different? Having worked with the photographer before, you’ll be much more relaxed with them on the wedding day. Additionally, you’ll be accustomed to how they pose and photograph you, so no surprises on the wedding day!

Gorgeous ultra wide shot of bride in white linen jumpsuit and groom in blue blazer and dark jeans. Film Engagement Photos at San Francisco City Hall by Cavin Elizabeth 
Connect with your potential wedding photographers and imagine yourself spending such an important day with them before pricing everyone out. I promise this approach will yield you so much peace of mind and much more beautiful images by taking this approach than starting by charting out rates!