February 11, 2016

Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets Part 4

With such a great response to part one, two, and three of Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets, I’ve decided to extend the series a few more weeks. I absolutely love having real brides’ advice shared here with you all. You read my expert advice every week, though sometimes it’s awesome to read a different perspective!

Advice from past brides, Black couture wedding gown by Paolo Corona Paris with sheer sleeves and a big silk bow for a dark and moody wedding inspiration shoot in San Diego by Cavin Elizabeth Photography, non-traditional luxury bride and groom wearing a black wedding gown

Best Wedding Decision

My best decision was trusting my vendors throughout the planning process. Especially as a planner in the industry, I had to make a conscious effort not to micromanage. As a result my florals, decor, food, venue, etc. were awesome and I truly just let the vendors do what they knew best. I went to all of them with a general vision and truly let myself collaborate with them and learn from their expertise.
Another thing that was amazing was our late night bites hot dog bar! They were a HUGE hit and gave people the perfect snack after a pretty long day of being at an open bar! (I always recommend a late night snack to my clients. People love it and it helps keep the party under control).

I honestly had THE best planning process and wedding day!

Wedding Regret

One thing I wish I would have done differently is having been more specific with my photographer about what was important to me. I paid for the extra shots and gave a list but still ended up not really being 100% pleased. My portrait photos were beautiful, but the details were missing. My mom and sisters and I worked so hard to piece together every little detail and there were so many photos missing. As the bride and groom, we don’t often get to see things set up before the guests get to it, so we just have to hope it was all set up like we planned. I didn’t get a shot of our dessert bar (that we designed), a overall shot of the reception room, the bridesmaid bouquets (or me holding mine), and my husband and my ring together!!!! Especially as a coordinator I was devastated by not getting these details. I thought I made this clear in the initial meeting, but I should have reiterated my wish list closer to the date, since our initial meeting was so far before the wedding. The silver lining was that the people photos were beautiful!

-Laura Hutchinson of Serendipity Event Design, Villa de Amore 3/6/15