January 28, 2016

Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets Part 2

If you enjoyed Part One of my new Advice from Past Brides mini-series on their best decisions and regrets, you’ll love today’s Part Two. Before I get to the bridal advice, I wanted to talk about my inspiration for this series.

As someone who has photographed well over one hundred weddings, I offer up my advice every week on my blog and to all of my clients. Eager to offer a different viewpoint, I sought the opinions of past brides reflecting on their own weddings. What better way to gain some decision-making skills about your own wedding than to listen to the experts and real brides!

Today’s real bride, Richelle Regan, has a way with words and lots of them!

Chic and elegant fine art low updo. Netta Benshabu Chai asymmetrical tulle and beaded sleeve with fitted floral beaded bodice and fit to flare skirt. Wedding at Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography.

Best Wedding Decisions

“The best decision I made in planning our wedding was hiring Amorology for full service coordination. I consider myself to be a creative person, so I went back and forth with the idea of handling the planning on my own. But then when I sat down and spoke with a friend who had the same budget as we did, but did it all on her own – she told me that if she could do it all over again she would have hired full-service coordination because when all was said and done she was stressed out, a nervous wreck, and resented a lot of the things she had made. After hearing that, full service it was!

When you go the full-service route, your coordinator is usually able to get you discounts here and there with your vendors and is a much better negotiator than you could ever be because they have repeat business; something you don’t when you’re out on your own.

In the end we had the most incredible day and the week before, I wasn’t stressed about a thing. Looking back I just can’t believe how incredibly lucky we were to have such an amazing experience. I think a lot of emphasis is put on making sure you hire the right photographer and food (and rightfully so! however don’t get me started on people skimping on florals! haha) – but people are completely overlooking the fact that if you invest in who’s coordinating your entire day – you’re guaranteed to have a much better experience!
Al fresco reception at night with round and long tables covered in blue and neutral velvet linen with crossback chairs. Round circular bar with wagon wheel market lighting covered in greenery smilax. A Wedding Photographer's Fairmont Grand Del Mar Wedding

Wedding Regrets, Well Kind of…

Honestly…because we did our research, hired Heather for full-service, and really took our time in making decisions when it came picking literally everything (it’s insane how much I labored over everything before finalizing it, haha my poor husband!), looking back on it now I can honestly say there isn’t one thing I wish I had done and didn’t. Well…maybe not get myself so worked up about the guest count. I wish I had loosened up a bit and sent out maybe a couple more invites. But I was so scared we’d be over!”

-Richelle, wedding at Darlington House 5/23/15


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