January 28, 2016

Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets Part 2

If you enjoyed Part One of my new Advice from Past Brides mini-series on their best decisions and regrets, you’ll love today’s Part Two. Before I get to the bridal advice, I wanted to talk about my inspiration for this series.

As someone who has photographed dozens and dozens of weddings, I offer up my expert advice every Thursday on my blog and to all of my clients. Excited to offer up another viewpoint, I sought the opinions of past brides of their own weddings. What better way to gain some decision-making skills about your own wedding than to listen to the experts and real brides!

Today’s real bride, Richelle Regan, has a way with words and lots of them, so I’ve got another single bride post for you today!

Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets

Best Wedding Decisions

“The best decision I made in planning our wedding was hiring Amorology for full service coordination. I consider myself to be a creative person, so I went back and forth with the idea of handling the planning on my own. But then when I sat down and spoke with a friend who had the same budget as we did, but did it all on her own – she told me that if she could do it all over again she would have hired full-service coordination because when all was said and done she was stressed out, a nervous wreck, and resented a lot of the things she had made. After hearing that, full service it was!

When you go the full-service route, your coordinator is usually able to get you discounts here and there with your vendors and is a much better negotiator than you could ever be because they have repeat business; something you don’t when you’re out on your own.

In the end we had the most incredible day and the week before, I wasn’t stressed about a thing. Looking back I just can’t believe how incredibly lucky we were to have such an amazing experience. I think a lot of emphasis is put on making sure you hire the right photographer and food (and rightfully so! however don’t get me started on people skimping on florals! haha) – but people are completely overlooking the fact that if you invest in who’s coordinating your entire day – you’re guaranteed to have a much better experience!

Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets

Wedding Regrets, Well Kind of…

Honestly…because we did our research, hired Heather for full-service, and really took our time in making decisions when it came picking literally everything (it’s insane how much I labored over everything before finalizing it, haha my poor husband!), looking back on it now I can honestly say there isn’t one thing I wish I had done and didn’t. Well…maybe not get myself so worked up about the guest count. I wish I had loosened up a bit and sent out maybe a couple more invites. But I was so scared we’d be over!”

-Richelle of Tales from the Curls, Darlington House 5/23/15


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