February 4, 2016

Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets Part 3

Another edition of the Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets, Part Three will give you even more insight into the reflections of real brides on their weddings.

If you missed Part One or Part Two, be sure to go check them out because they were both filled with incredible advice! Today is a little different in that I have not one, but two past brides sharing their wedding wisdom with you all. And if you would like to have your best decisions and regrets included in a future week, check out the details at the bottom of the post. 
Advice from Past Brides: Best Decisions and Regrets Part 3

Wedding Regret

What I wish I had done was hire a better photographer. We hired the first one we liked that fit our budget, but didn’t look around for someone with more style. I don’t hate my photos, but I know they could have been better.
advice from past brides: best decisions and regrets part 3

Best Wedding Decision

The best decision for our wedding was going with our gut and throwing out those things which didn’t match us as a couple. We didn’t have cake because after multiple tastings we looked at each other and realized we didn’t really like it! We had multiple cheesecakes instead and they were amazing. Now that I own my own event planning company, I always tell people to get the best photographer you can afford and don’t do a tradition if you don’t want to!

-Alexis Yezek Trujillo Coronado Community Center 7/8/12

Posies Floral Co. Large pink and yellow bridal bouquet shot on film with coral charm peonies, roses, and ranunculus. Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Wedding Regret

There isn’t much I would change about my wedding day. I mean, it was the happiest day of my life, however looking back, I would have considered doing a first look. We had decided not to do one because of tradition. Being a photographer myself, getting photos was important to me, so that meant doing most of our portraits during cocktail hour and even some during dinner. If we had done a first look, we could have had more time to spend with our friends and family who were there to celebrate with us.

Best Wedding Decision

If I were to get married again, I would absolutely hire a videographer again. Photography was an obvious expense we were going to spend, but we originally didn’t plan on having a videographer. A few months before the wedding I had decided that I wanted to have video and although the expense was more than we were expecting, it was probably one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. The day goes by so fast and having pictures help to relive it is great but video added that other element that we wanted to remember our day by.

Amanda Holzhauer, Heritage Museum of Orange County 5/17/14


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