January 30, 2020

5 Things to Do Before Your Wedding | Wedding Preparation Tips

As wedding season is coming up, you’ll want to know about these 5 things to do before your wedding.

5 Things to Do Before Your Wedding-Wedding Preparation Tips to help ensure you are prepared for the wedding day. 

1. Clean Your Ring

I can’t stress this one enough! You’ve got a beautiful diamond that sparkles so much more when cleaned a day or two before the wedding. Personally, I love ring shots. I spend a lot of time setting up a beautiful shot that looks ten times more stunning when the ring is clean. I actually bring diamond cleaner to my weddings just in case the engagement ring is dirty, but I’m thrilled when my clients’ rings are already clean!

Bride's round solitaire engagement ring and pave band in oval velvet ring box on top of floral envelope liner. Estancia La Jolla wedding shot on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography. Estancia La Jolla wedding shot on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. Have Your Wedding Gown Steamed

Do not wait until the morning of your wedding to have your dress steamed! If you’re in San Diego, have your gown steamed at The White Flower to ensure it looks pristine in your photos. Steaming should take place within a week of the wedding and the gown picked up within 2-3 days prior.

Martina Liana gown from The White Flower Bridal Boutique hanging from a tree. Wedding at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Film photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Have Your Nails Done

While you don’t have to go to a professional nail salon for your nails, I recommend it. It’s a relaxing experience and will make you feel pampered! I tend to get a few close up shots of the bride and groom’s hands together, so I notice the nails a lot. Whatever color or design you choose is up to you! Let it show off your personality, while complementing your gown.

I recommend having your nails done about 2-3 days before your wedding. That way, you’ll have pretty nails for your rehearsal dinner!

Bouquet with long pink scarf wrapped around the stems that belonged to her mother. Miramonte Resort wedding. Film photography by Cavin Elizabeth. 

4. Choose a Cute Getting Ready Outfit

I love taking images of brides getting ready for their wedding. The emotions are running wild and I have a lot to work with. I’ve always thought that getting ready images looked their best when the bride and bridesmaids wore cute robes or adorable shorts and a button-down. I know it might be tempting to wear your old college shirt with sweatpants, though I promise it makes the world of a difference if you’ve got a cute outfit!

Bridesman in floral pjs to match bride and bridesmaids in floral robes. Miramonte Resort wedding. Film photography by Cavin Elizabeth. 

5. Break in Your Shoes

I’m sure your mother and aunts have said this a thousand times throughout your life! I know mine have. It’s so true that breaking in your shoes will help ease the discomfort on the wedding day. Whether you’re wearing flats or heels, it’s important to spend some time walking around in your wedding shoes. You don’t want to be uncomfortable with pain and blisters on your big day. So break them in and consider buying shoe inserts if you think your feet will hurt. It’s completely worth it!

Brides Badgley Mischka Esperanza ivory heels with jewels styled with greenery. Wedding at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Film photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography


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