December 21, 2017

4 Exciting Date Night Ideas for Engaged Couples

Now that you’re engaged, your life probably consists of your usual routine plus loads of wedding planning. Perhaps you’ve even let your date nights fizzle out now that your wedding planning sessions are using up more of your spare time. If that sounds like you, you’ll love these 5 exciting date night ideas that are absolutely perfect for engaged couples!
4 date night ideas for engaged couples by Cavin Elizabeth 

1. Attend a Cooking (or Cocktail) Class

Although cooking and cocktail making classes can get a little pricey, they are said to be completely worth their cost. I encourage you to try out a class, even if if might not seem like you’ll like the food on the menu. Trying out a new activity and being more adventurous and less picky will undoubtedly lead to an exciting and educational evening. Plus, people almost always have leftovers from cooking classes, which means you don’t have to cook the next day’s lunch! A very easy Google or Yelp search will help you find the best option in your city.
Date Night Ideas Cooking Class 

2. Use Aventrix to Find Local Events

An innovative and very new free online resource for events is Aventrix. Aventrix will help you find local events and activities from ballets to sporting events to at-home activities such as new records, books, video games, and movies. The amazing thing about it is that you can save, favorite, and share activities with your fiancé. The more you make use of these features, the better recommendations Aventrix can make for other activities and events you’ll love.

Whether you’re trying to find an event for tomorrow or two weeks from now, Aventrix will have you covered!
French Countryside Chateau Wedding in Jongieux, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Date Box

This one I haven’t yet tried, but it’s high on my list and I just might start my subscription today! It’s probably the easiest of my date night ideas, as Date Box handles all of the thinking and planning for you. Date Box provides you with four pricing options for dates that are either meant to be enjoyed at home or in your city.

After you fill out a questionnaire with your preferences, Date Box will start shipping you a box on the 15th of every month. Past date boxes have included sushi making kits, tools to create fun paintings, and games to enjoy at home. The photos on Instagram from real couples enjoying their boxes have me so eager to try it out!
date night idea date box 

4. Volunteer

Yes, you read that correctly. While volunteering might not immediately seem exciting, doing good deeds is known to give people endorphins. Sounds a little exciting, right? You could choose to do something manual like Habitat for Humanity or something more social and educational such as volunteering for your local Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Perhaps if you love animals, you could volunteer at the local animal shelter or foster animals at home.

If you’ve got a week or two off of work, you could opt for a voluntourism trip through an amazing organization like Cross Cultural Solutions. I spent three weeks in Lima, Peru, with their organization in 2011 and absolutely loved my time there. At the end of your experience, you’ll have spent quality time with your fiancé while making a wonderful contribution to those in need.