May 14, 2020

5 Ways to Use Wedding Scents to Wow Your Guests

If you’re looking for an incredibly remarkable way to enhance your wedding, making use of wedding scents will absolutely wow your guests and give them yet another sense to experience on your special day. Incorporating intentional scents in your wedding day will amplify the ambiance, luxe, and sophistication of your envisioned wedding. Scents can be refreshing, calming, energising, crisp; they enhance the mood and create memorability from your wedding.

By creating a wedding day scent story, you’ll ensure that your wedding will stand out as a unique, thoughtful, and unforgettable event. There are countless ways to incorporate a scent story within your wedding day. Here are five of my favorite most memorable ways to successfully achieve olfactory excitement:

Using wedding scents to enhance the experience of your guests, Cavin Elizabeth's tips for incorporating a signature scent into your event

1. Adding single herb sprigs in drinks or within individual place settings will bring not only sophistication but also a key scent in the dining experience. Single fresh sprigs are less likely to be masked by other scents and can truly make a statement.Blush green white rustic elegant wedding in San Diego

2. Scented candles in the form of centerpieces or supporting decor elements of your tablescape can not only create an intimate mood, but also make a grand statement for everyone’s sense of smell. You may also choose sophisticated glass votives as these allow the wicks of the candles to burn longer, further adding the sensory experience.

colorful modern rooftop wedding at Andaz San Diego

3. Wear it! You can create a custom perfume scent or choose a new distinct perfume to wear as the bride. Doing so is a personalized and meaningful addition to your wedding day look that will be experienced only in person, rather than in your photos and videos. Your custom perfume choice can also be photographed with other day-of detail shots, just in case you want to capture your scent.

dolce and gabanna light blue perfume in a windowsill, wedding detail photography

4. Be inspired by the native in-season flowers you choose for your wedding. Wild strawberries, fresh mint, or calming lavender could be incorporated into bouquets, boutineers, and arrangements. This allows the beauty of your wedding setting to shine in a district and memorable way.

Isari Floral Workshop for a fall tablescape with reds greens yellows and blacks, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

5. Enhance your scent story by spritzing invitations with perfume, gifting bridal shower guests with specific fragrances (think lotions or perfumes), and scenting table linens or napkins with the same scent. For your guests, the repetition of the same scent throughout the wedding process will intensify their experience and recognition of your detailed intention.

Beautiful white paper with rose gold stationery from Minted for wedding invitations, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

One of the best reasons to utilize wedding scents is because they can be reused to reignite memories. You can wear your wedding day perfume every anniversary, make that candlelit dinner extra special by lighting specifically scented candles, or every year pick up the same in-season florals used on your day. You’ll always associate that scent with love, happiness, and beautiful memories.