January 12, 2017

5 Expert Tips for Creating the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Engagement season is here, you guys, so I thought today would be a great day to discuss how to create the perfect marriage proposal. Take these tips, plan accordingly, and get excited about taking your relationship to the next step of adulthood. 

Create Perfect Marriage Proposal with these 5 expert tips

1. Everyone’s “Perfect” is Different

You know her well, one should hope. If you know she doesn’t like attention, avoid a public proposal. Does she like cheesy moments? Do a Valentine’s proposal with an abundant amount of rose petals ;-)

Tailor your proposal to reflect her personality and preferences and don’t worry about adhering to some sort of expected or typical method of asking her to marry you. Let it be “your perfect.”

Round engagement ring in a raspberry marsala Mrs Box, Cavin ELizabeth Photography

2. Make Sure She’ll Love How She Looks

When she feels amazing in her outfit, she’ll already be blissful –and after the proposal she’ll be ecstatic. Particularly, in case there are photos (and there’ll totally be some), don’t let her feel worried about how she looks. She will want to look her best. Encourage her to wear something cute. If you need the excuse of dinner or a fancy event, do it!

Even better, dress up yourself! She certainly won’t be complaining if you also look fantastic. 

Engagement photo of a couple with Sunset at Joshua Tree surrounded by rocks, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

3. Tell Her Why You Want to Marry Her

Don’t just ask her to marry you, tell her why. She’ll appreciate a thoughtful proposal with genuine feelings described through your carefully chosen words or heat of the moment emotions. 

Couple sitting on a Bench and ivy bush wall in La Jolla for engagement photos, groom in white jeans and denim shirt, yellow engagement session dress, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

4. Celebrate Your Future Marriage

Hooray! You two are getting married! Have a party, eat at your favorite restaurant, visit where you first met, have an adventure, or meet with family and friends.

It’s happening and loved ones can’t help but celebrate. It’ll be hard not to freak out and let your happy emotions shine! Plan to celebrate as soon as you can. This day will forever be in your memory, make the absolute most out of it.

Mixed metal rose gold and silver pavé solitaire diamond engagement ring, criss cross band engagement ring, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

5. Hire a Photographer

Having a photographer capture the proposal is something truly special. Not only will it be special to capture the moments of your engagement, it is also key to build a relationship with the photographer who will be shooting your wedding.

Perfect marriage proposal, couple walking together in a high low black formal gown by Aidan Mattox and a suit and tie for San Diego engagement photos, Chis modern and sophisticated engagement photos, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to creating your perfect marriage proposal. Call me when you do ;-)