April 25, 2019

5 Posing Tips for Brides & Grooms from a Photographer

Today’s informative post features 5 posing tips for brides and grooms. Everyone wants to look their best in photographs and these expert tips will help achieve that!

5 Posing Tips for Brides & Grooms from a Photographer 

1. Hold Your Shoulders Back and Stand Up Straight

Even if your photographer doesn’t tell you to, always stand up straight with your shoulders back and down. Do this for the entire session and wedding day. Constantly check in with your posture to ensure you’re standing tall. This simple posing tip will make a huge difference in your images.

Compass Floral engagement bouquet for Newport Beach Engagement Photos at The Beachcomber by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. Practice Your On-Cue Smile

When a photographer asks a couple to smile for the camera, the smile sometimes looks forced. It’s much easier to have a natural smile during a candid moment. Camera-aware smiling photos are a must-have for the wedding day and are harder to produce a natural smile for. Practice your smiles in the mirror and learn what makes it look more genuine!

Birmingham Alabama rooftop formal engagement session during sunset, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Brides: Arch Your Lower Back

When a bride arches her lower back, it accentuates the S-curve in her spine. This produces a very feminine and elegant look that gives a beautiful shape to her body. During portraits, a bride should focus on creating an moderate arch in her lower back to produce this effect. I don’t recommend this for grooms!

Bridesmaids in french blue dressed and bride in strapless lace gown with groom and groomsmen in air force tuxedos. Bouquets with anemones, greenery, ivory, and blush flowers in front of a large floral arch captured on film. Wedding at Humphreys Half Moon Inn by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

4. Don’t Lean Backwards

Sometimes, a bride or groom will subconsciously lean away from the camera. This causes the hips to be the closest thing to the camera, making them look larger. Additionally, it will show more of the underside of the chin and nose. Trust me when I say that’s almost never flattering.
Instead of leaning away from the camera, stand up straight and push your hips just an inch or two away from the camera. This will slim the waist and ensure a much more flattering pose.

Atlanta Engagement Session with a Picnic on the Chattahoochee River by Cavin Elizabeth 

5. Recompose Yourself Every Few Moments

Unless you’ve been told to hold perfectly still, try to make slight adjustments to your pose every few shutter clicks you hear. For example, move your chin an inch to the right or left; shift your weight from one foot to the other; move your hand to your hair then down by your side. Simple and small changes to your pose not only produce a greater variety of poses, they also keep your body from looking stiff.

French Countryside Chateau Wedding in Jongieux, Cavin Elizabeth Photography