August 6, 2015

Wine Tasting for Weddings | Temecula Wedding Photographer

Having the perfect wine at your wedding is essential. Consider planning a wine tasting trip with your fiancé, friends, or bridal party to find some great wines to serve at your wedding. A wine tasting weekend also gives you a great opportunity to relax and spend time with loved ones before you get into the hectic pre-wedding weeks.

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While many people immediately think of Napa Valley for wine tasting in California, there are many other fantastic places you can go in Southern California including Santa Barbara, Escondido, and Temecula. Located about 35 miles North of downtown San Diego, Temecula Valley is an ideal place for San Diego brides to have a wine weekend getaway.

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Several of the Temecula wineries are within walking distance of each other, so it’s easy to visit multiple locations and really learn a lot about wines that are new to you.

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You can create your own “self-guided” tour by hand picking which vineyards you would like to visit, or you can plan to go with a company on a pre-planned guided tour. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or give honest feedback when tasting wines. They’re there to help you find the perfect wines for you!

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If the main goal of your trip is to taste and purchase wines for your wedding, plan your trip after your guest list is finalized so you have an estimate of how many cases of wine to purchase. Even if you only like one type of wine, be sure to think of your guests’ tastes. Grab a variety of different red and white wines.

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Save your favorite bottle of wine in your house after your wedding. Not only will it remind you of fantastic memories from your wedding day, it will also bring back memories of the fun adventures you had picking out that perfect wine.

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