March 12, 2020

How to Achieve the Perfect Smile for Your Wedding

For today’s blog, the earlier you read and begin to take action toward achieving the perfect smile for your wedding, the better. Having photographed hundreds and maybe thousands of smiles each year, I have three highly actionable and successful methods for ensuring you have the most beautiful smile on your wedding day.

How to Achieve the Perfect Smile for Your Wedding. Natural smiles in photos that look beautiful. 

1. Teeth Not Straight? Align Them!

Maybe you’ve never had braces and you kind of want them. Or if you’re like me, you had them, didn’t wear your retainer, and are thinking about Invisalign. I thankfully began Invisalign before getting engaged and they were completed by my wedding.

If either of these scenarios sounds like yours, begin Invisalign as soon as possible. It’s no quick fix, by any means. With an average treatment time of one year, Invisalign provides a wonderful, more sophisticated alternative to the classic, yet cringy braces. With beautifully aligned teeth, you’ll have so much more confidence in your wedding day smile!

Bride in lace Watters sweetheart gown with large bridal bouquet of pink tones with peonies and roses and a long pink scarf wrapped around the stems that belonged to her mother. Miramonte Resort wedding. Film photography by Cavin Elizabeth. 

2. Teeth Whitening

Most couples probably have plans to whiten their teeth prior to their wedding day. What I would suggest is to consult your dentist about stronger solutions that what you can find through consumer retailers. With a more effective solution, you’ll have a much better guarantee that you’ll have your desired result. Side note: some Invisalign dentists will often include a few tubes of whitening solution with your treatment package.

Bride in a classic Mikaella Bridal gown smiling at the camera with the groom in a navy linen suit. Full Belly Farm on Martha Stewart Weddings by film photographer Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Moisturize Your Lips

In addition to moisturizing your face in a diligent pre-wedding manner, you’ll want to hydrate your lips with a serum, balm, or any other type of lip-specific moisturizer. Especially in dryer months, tend to your lips to prevent them from being chapped on the day of your wedding.

Bride in Stella York gown and veil for a classic bridal portrait. Bridal updo with hair loose and curled in front. San Diego wedding shot on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

4. Practice a Natural Smile

If you’re someone who tends to have forced looking smiles in photos, you’ll need to practice achieving a natural smile. Look in a mirror and smile. Then, think about things that make you smile or laugh. Find a few memories that work best at producing a real smile and use those during your wedding portraits if needed! Additionally, you and your partner can practice this with each other to find phrases or actions that easily make each other laugh.

By following these three tips as soon and as frequently as possible, you’ll truly have the most perfect smile for your wedding.
Groom and bride at a marble table drinking cocktails and laughing. Fairweather Rooftop Bar Engagement Photos on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography