November 19, 2015

Choosing Your Best Wedding Hairstyle | San Diego Wedding Tips

Choosing your best wedding hairstyle might seem like a daunting task, so I’ve written these tips to help with your decision. Now, this information is great, yet what will make the smartest move for your wedding day hair is having an incredible professional hairstylist for your wedding day.

I’ve seen a lot of instances where a well-reviewed pro wasn’t hired and either I could see every bobby pin in the bridal party and bride’s hair or the hair didn’t hold all day. These things show up in your images and can very likely be avoided by choosing a talented pro. You’ll be so glad you did!

Choosing your best wedding hairstyle

Consider doing a hair trial 2-3 months before your wedding day. Once you’ve booked your hair trial appointment, you’ll have to get an idea how you want your hair, in an up do, down, a braid, etc.

Wearing Your Hair in an Updo

There are some pros and cons to having your hair in an updo on your wedding day. By having your hair in an updo, it’ll stay out of your face. Also, if your gown has a lot of intricate features around the neckline, an updo ensures your hair won’t hide any of that beautiful detailing.

One downside to having your hair up is that there is a large possibility that it could loosen and start to fall as the day goes on, especially if your hairstyle is loose to begin with. If your pins fall out, pieces of your hair could fall out of the updo. Well-trained stylists will set it to stay the best it can, although some hair types won’t hold a loose updo shape as well as others.

Bride wearing a colorful Marchesa gown sitting at the reception table. Tablescape with a blue and white patterned linen. Pink taper candles. Butter yellow napkins on ivory plates. Centerpiece with coral charm peonies, pansies, roses, yellow peonies, and peach, pink, mauve flowers. Del Mar Country Club on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Wearing Your Hair Down

Wearing your hair down might feel more Old Hollywood or just more like the regular “you.” Also, if your dress has a bare neckline, it can be nice to fill the space with more hair – an updo might leave you looking too bare.

Consider your hair’s natural habits. If it easily frizzes, like mine, then having your hair down on a summer day is probably not a good idea. Or if you’re getting married at a venue that has a lot of wind, opting for an updo might save yourself from tangles and hair in your lipstick.

Whatever style you choose, just rock it with confidence and you’ll be sure to feel as beautiful as ever.

Bouquet and asymmetrical floral arch with pink and ivory roses, sweet peas, ranunculus, carnations, and greenery with a pink painterly backdrop. Martina Liana 1060 beaded strapless fit-and-flare lace gown from The White Flower. Cavin Elizabeth Photography - film photographer in San Diego.
1060 with honey lining