December 17, 2019

Make Your Wedding Reception Look Fancier with These 3 Simple Tips

Having photographed dozens of weddings, I notice the little things at receptions that make the room look extremely grand. Today, I’ll be sharing my 3 tips on how to make your wedding reception look fancier. Plus, watch my video below for even more tips!

Make Your Wedding Reception Look Fancier with These 3 Simple Tips. How to make your wedding look more expensive and grand without spending any or much more money in your wedding budget. 
1. Deck Out Your Head Table
The more guests you have, the more tables you’ll have to decorate. This can end up spreading your budget very thin across all of the tables. Instead of having equal sized centerpieces and a full set of place setting rentals on every table, you can skimp on guest tables and invest more into your head table. Your photographer will focus most of the detail shots on your head table anyway, so I recommend going all out for it and holding back on the guest tables.

By doing so, your reception will look more elevated in the photos and, as someone who cares more than guests about the decor, will be sitting right where you can fully enjoy it!

Cane back Oak Louis chairs surrounding a long natural wood farm table topped with green and ivory centerpieces built around a black metal hoop. Chandeliers with hanging greenery and roses. Estancia La Jolla Grande Room reception by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 
2. Use Place Settings
Wedding reception tables without plates, napkins, utensils, and glasses look incredibly sparse in photographs.
Having these details on your tables will instantly make them look so much more inviting and elegant. Even if you’re having a buffer instead of a plated dinner, you can still have chargers, glasses, and utensils at each guest’s seat.

Al fresco reception with wooden tables and blush chiffon runners and emerald green napkins. Soft grey charger, ivory menu with mauve ribbon around greenery sprig. Centerpiece with greenery and ivory, yellow, and red flowers. Mountain view. Full Belly Farm reception by film photographer Cavin Elizabeth Photography 
3. Choose the Best Photographer Possible
I’ve seen it happen before: photographers with little skill can make even the most luxurious weddings look terrible. You’ve put so much time, energy, and money into your wedding, you want your wedding photos to make your day fantastic. Choose the best photographer possible and your chances of having your wedding look it’s best are most likely highly increased!

Bonus: Make sure that your table linens are all completely ironed/steamed before their final placement. Wrinkled or creased linens instantly look cheap. Don’t forget have this done for your dessert, buffet, gift, and guestbook tables as well.