September 26, 2023

What to Include on Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website is an essential tool for modern couples to streamline the planning process and provide guests with crucial information. In this guide, I’ll discuss what to include on your wedding website to help you create a comprehensive and user-friendly online space for your wedding day.

1. Choosing the Platform

One of the first decisions to make is where to create your wedding website. You can either design a custom site or use popular wedding website platforms like Zola or The Knot, which offer user-friendly templates and tools to simplify the process.

2. What to Include on Your Wedding Website

Your website should be the go-to source for essential event information. This includes the ceremony and reception time, venue details, dress code for all events, RSVP deadlines, and hotel accommodations. This eliminates the need for guests to repeatedly text or call with questions, ensuring a stress-free experience. You can also add personal touches about your journey as a couple and introduce your wedding party, though these are optional.

Bridgerton themed wedding at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in the Manchester Salon ballroom. Lavender-colored linens and Oak Louis chairs adorned each table, while lush floral arrangements featuring ranunculus, roses, and wildflowers.

3. Aesthetic Design

If time permits, aim to design your wedding website to reflect your wedding’s aesthetic. Coordinating colors, fonts, and style elements creates a cohesive and visually appealing introduction to your wedding vibe.

4. Inclusive Event Listings

List all events that every guest is invited to attend. Avoid including events exclusive to select guests, such as the rehearsal dinner or showers. Details about those kind of events should be given privately.

Bridgerton themed wedding at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in the Manchester Salon ballroom. Bride and groom first dance. Bride is wearing a long sleeve white Needle and Thread wedding dress.

5. Special Event Rules

Inform guests of any specific rules, such as whether the events are unplugged, kid-free, or if there are any other guidelines they should be aware of.

6. Things to Do for Out-of-Town Guests

For non-local guests, consider adding a “Things to Do” page with recommendations for activities and attractions in the area during their downtime. This should include paid and free excursions.

7. Hotel Block Information

Include details about available hotels and instructions on how guests can book rooms within your designated hotel block. If there is a hotel block, provide the exact code or instructions for taking advantage of the discount.

Cocktail hour for a wedding at The Lodge at Torrey Pines on the lawn. Cavin Elizabeth Photography.

8. Dress Codes

Clearly state dress codes for each event, providing an overall dress code description and specific attire recommendations. Detailed guidelines can help guests feel confident about their outfit choices. If you require a specific color palette, provide photos of the colors to avoid misinterpretation.

9. Food Details

Discuss the meals that will be served at various events, giving guests an idea of portion sizes and any dietary considerations. Please do ask guests when they RSVP what their meal choice is and always ask about allergies or dietary preferences.

Chocolate fondue for wedding cocktail hour with pretzels, marshmallows, pineapple, brownies, rice crispie treats, strawberries, and bananas for dipping. Cavin Elizabeth Photography.

10. RSVP Process

If you’re using your wedding website to collect RSVPs, set up this feature in advance and test it to ensure a smooth experience for guests. Leaving it untested and assuming it works could create a ton of problems down the road. Take 5-10 minutes to submit your own RSVP and feel confident it is foolproof.

11. Registry Information

Include a section for registry information, making it convenient for guests to find and select gifts you truly appreciate.

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