May 24, 2018

How to Choose Furniture and Décor When You and Your Fiancé Have Different Styles

As you navigate the process of wedding planning, you’ll eventually begin your wedding registry. More than likely, you’ll be adding a large amount of home items to this list. For some couples, this process will come easily, though for others it might be tough to agree on what to add in terms of aesthetics. If you’re wondering how to choose furniture and décor when you and your fiancé have different styles, you’ve come to the right place.

Many couples have different tastes in home décor, and while this may appear to be a problem, here are a few ways that you two can furnish and decorate each room in your new home, even when your style is different.
How to Choose Furniture and Decor When You and Your Significant Other Have Different Styles


For your first kitchen together, you two should focus on functionality rather than an overly trendy aesthetic. Kitchen décor trends seem to change faster than the seasons, so if you are buying new appliances or tools for your kitchen, pick a color or color scheme for them to all be in. While copper is a very popular finish for kitchens right now, it is very likely that it will appear dated in just a few years, similarly to how white appliances were short lived.

If you aren’t planning on remodeling your kitchen again within the next five years, stainless steel and black are classic color combinations, and black will allow your cookware and kitchen tools to be used for years to come.

Chic Palm Springs Engagement at Home | Palm Springs Photographer
Chic Palm Springs Engagement at Home | Palm Springs Photographer

Living Room

If you and your significant other are moving into one of your existing apartment, or even looking for a place that is new to you both, it’s likely that your existing furniture will not go together. While you two may have different ideas of what the perfect living space looks like, this gives you both the opportunity to decorate a room together in a style that suits both of you.

Go to furniture showrooms together to get a hands-on feel for what you both like and dislike, from textures, colors, and silhouettes. After you have agreed upon those aesthetic guidelines, you two should pick a few durable pieces of furniture for your living or entertaining space that you both love.

Chic Palm Springs same-sex Engagement at Home | Palm Springs Photographer
Chic Palm Springs Engagement at Home | Palm Springs Photographer


For your first shared bedroom as a couple, relaxation is key. You should have a comfortable mattress, light-diffusing shades, and soft sheets. But the most important way to relax in a room is actually the wall color. For your bedroom, paint the walls a muted tone of blue or gray. According to The Spruce, the best bedroom colors for relaxation are muted and go with many other busier colors and patterns.
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A bathroom is another room where relaxation and stress relief are important features. In your first bathroom together, pick out shower hardware that not only looks beautiful, but allows you to feel surrounded by warmth. A rain shower head offers an enlarged surface area without detrimental environmental effects, so consider one for your bathroom.

Most couples don’t hire an interior designer to decorate their new home, so they’re typically responsible for designing on their own. If you and your fiancé are having trouble picking out furniture and décor together, one way to compromise is by allowing each other one veto and one hall pass. For vetoes, you can each say no to one piece that your significant other likes (or already owns) that you don’t like. For hall passes, you each get pick one piece that the other does not like. It’s a great way to compromise!

Chic Bathroom with flowers in the vintage tub
Chic Bathroom with flowers in the tub and a woman wearing high heels

Furnishing your home with pieces that reflect individual taste will add personal touches to your home and will make the space feel like it has a unique flair. The coziest, most inviting homes reflect the interests and personalities of their inhabitants, rather than just mirroring a showroom or catalogue spread. Because, at the end of the day, moving in with the love of your life should be about more than sharing a living space with one another, it is about sharing a life with one another.
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