December 24, 2019

Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Design + Styling Package

Today, I’m excited to have Alexis of Alexis Atelier guest blog about why you should invest in a wedding design + styling package! Weddings, with thoughtful care, planning, and design, can beautifully reflect who you are as a couple. With that effect, you distinguish your wedding from that of every other marrying couple! I’ll leave it to Alexis to explain further:

Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Design + Styling Package, Tips from Alexis of Salt Creative Company on Cavin Elizabeth's blogWeddings are expensive (amiright!) which is why hiring a wedding designer/ stylist doesn’t usually make the budget. I get it…I mean what does a wedding designer even do anyway? Can’t I just use Pinterest and get ideas from there? While you technically can, trolling Pinterest for hours on end doesn’t guarantee an amazing wedding.

Hiring a wedding designer is an investment. The kind of investment that’s like buying that expensive (but you’ll wear it forever) leather jacket. You will spend a little money now, but in the end, a designer can help your wildest wedding dreams become reality.

Tropical custom escort card display with neon last name sign, large palm leaves, and coconut cocktails for all of the guests. Backdrop is a palm leaf print. Tropical Wedding at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego photographed by Cavin Elizabeth on film 

1. Your Wedding Will be Unique to You:

If I had a dollar for every mason jar, burlap thing, shabby chic accessory, candy display, or chalkboard sign I have seen at a wedding I would be pretty rich. I myself am guilty of using these in my own wedding designs in the early years. While wanting the trendy thing will always be popular, hiring a good wedding designer will help steer you away from trends that are totally meaningless to you.

The goal in every wedding design is for every single choice to represent the couple, their life together and their future. Instead of that candy display, serve cheesecake because your first date was at The Cheesecake Factory. Instead of that mason jar, put flowers in British tea tins because you are honeymooning there. Designers have the skills and training to come up with these amazing ideas that you may not have thought of before. Your wedding will feel like you, not like you plagiarized someone else’s design.

White wedding invitation with green and lavender floral border in pink envelope with pocket for detail cards, film photography by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. You Will Save Money and Time:

Yes, hiring a wedding designer costs money but weigh the cost of a designer over the money and time wasted on decor and crafting. A designer knows how to achieve a particular design impact without buying vases that cost $50 each. A designer has the sources, knows where you can get things inexpensively, can use inexpensive materials to make something look expensive, and has mad crafting skills.

An example is chalkboard signage (yes, the ever dreaded). As a designer, I know that the good ones aren’t actually done with chalk, but opaque white paint pen instead. Look at all that time I just saved you trying to force real chalk to look good (trust me it is HARD). A designer will tell you exactly how much each project will cost, where to find the materials, and in many cases will complete those projects for you on your budget.

Circular ceremony arch with silver dollar eucalyptus, white dahlias and roses. Olive Lawn ceremony with cane back Louis chairs and ferns along the aisle. Estancia La Jolla wedding shot on film by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Your Wedding Will Be Cohesive:

You know all those fab weddings you see on blogs where everything goes together perfectly without being matchy, matchy? There is a color scheme, but it’s deep and textured instead of two-toned and flat? The design totally matches the couple? From the venue to the attire everything comes together? These weddings are no accident. These weddings are master planned by a designer.

Designers take every.single.thing into account when planning the overall look of the wedding from the venue space, the time of day, the time of year, the city, the landscape, the backgrounds of the couple, their design style, their story together, their family, etc. Every design choice made reflects these elements and the end result is that everything works together and nothing is forced.

Bride in a classic Mikaella Bridal gown smiling at the camera with the groom in a navy linen suit. Bridal bouquet with ivory, peach, wine, blush flowers and mauve, wine, and blush ribbons. Film photographer Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

4. Your Wedding Will Feel the Way You Dream It To:

What does this even mean? How can the centerpiece make the party feel a certain way? Many times when I chat about design with clients they rarely know what they want it to look like, but they always know what they want it to feel like. “I want an elegant night that feels upscale” or “I want a relaxed wedding where people share good food and good conversation.” Neither of these specifies what the decor will look like.

A good designer knows that creating a mood and a feeling is completely subconscious and decor choices have a lot to do with it. For example, if you want that relaxed wedding use wood farm tables, linen napkins and serve comfort food. These elements cue the guests subconscious to relax, and therefore you end up with the “relaxed” wedding you desire.

Al fresco reception with wooden tables and blush chiffon runners and emerald green napkins. Soft grey charger, ivory menu with mauve ribbon around greenery sprig. Centerpiece with greenery and ivory, yellow, and red flowers. Mountain view. Full Belly Farm reception by film photographer Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

Guest Blogger Bio:

Alexis Trujillo is the creative director and owner of Alexis Atelier a wedding planning and design studio based in San Diego, California. Follow along with her journeys in wedding design on Instagram @alexisatelierweddings.