August 15, 2019

Florists Share Their Best Advice for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Florist

From either your wedding planner’s recommendations or your own research, you’ll find many florist options. It’s incredibly vital to choose the perfect wedding florist for your taste, personality, and ideas. Several of my florist friends have chimed in with advice to help you make the right decision for your wedding.

Florists Share Their Best Advice for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Florist. How to choose a florist that's right for your vision. 

Know Your Style

Pick a florist whose style you love. If you like light and airy centerpieces, don’t choose a designer who typically makes dense and lush arrangements. Chances are that your designer of choice can work in the style you prefer, but, I recently read a quote somewhere that I loved:

Don’t ask Adele to sing a Beyoncé song. Sure, she can do it, and it’ll sound amazing, but don’t expect it to sound like Beyoncé.” – Bespoke


Ensure They Make You Feel Comfortable

“I think the best advice I would give in finding a florist, or really any wedding vendor, is to find people whose work you admire and could envision surrounding your wedding day. The way your vendors present themselves on social media is also telling.

You’ll want to feel comfortable, so make sure you connect with their social media presence and schedule a consultation – if you click, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll connect well and hatch a plan that communicates your love story. Trusting your vendors allows them to create from their heart for your special day.” – Botanica Muse

“There are two really important aspects of finding the right floral designer for your wedding. The first is finding someone whose style you really admire, making sure their aesthetic lines up with the inspiration you bring to them.

And the second is making sure that person is someone you can feel really comfortable with. Planning a wedding is usually a first time experience for a couple so there are going to be a lot of questions. Any designer you work with should be supportive and understanding of that journey.” – Blooms by Breesa Lee

Wedding reception table with white linen and arrangement with ivory and blush roses and greenery captured on film. Wedding at Humphreys Half Moon Inn by Cavin Elizabeth Photography