October 11, 2018

Wedding Expenses with Credit Cards: Cash Back and Travel Rewards Cards

From floral arrangements to venues, wedding costs add up quickly as you invest in high quality services for your wedding day. A fantastic way to lower the impact of these expenses is to responsibly utilize cash back and travel rewards credit cards for vendors and services who accept them (not all do). Today I’ll be discussing both credit card categories and the advantages of both when utilized from your wedding purchases.
Wedding Expenses with Credit Cards: Cash Back and Travel Rewards Cards for weddings

General Tips

When using a credit card always keep the following in mind:

  • Only spend what you can afford. Only spend on your credit card what you can afford to pay back in full when your bill is due, except in certain situations where you can avoid interest. If you are planning to fund the majority or entirety of your wedding on credit cards and do not plan to pay in full when the bill is due, look into 0% Intro APR credit cards and how to use them
  • Always pay your bills back on time and do not max out your cards. Late payments, accounts that go into collections, and maxed out cards are terrible signs to lenders. There will likely be even larger expenses post-wedding, such as purchasing a house or raising kids. You will likely need credit again in the future, so do not trash your credit scores on your wedding.
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Cashback Credit Cards

A number of credit cards offer cash back, which is a fantastic way to put money back in your pocket, especially on expensive wedding purchases. The best thing about cash back cards is their flexibility and simplicity. When you make a purchase they will give you a percentage of cash back. Cash back percentages can vary depending on the card and on the category of each purchase, but they are usually within the 1–6% region.

Cash back credit cards generally come with straightforward rewards redemption systems. These include crediting money back to your card or bank account. If you are looking for a simple and stress-free way to make some money back on some of your wedding expenses, a cash back card could the right choice for you.

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Travel Rewards Credit Cards

As the name implies, travel rewards credit cards are designed for intrepid travelers. Using a travel card to purchase honeymoon flights, hotel bookings and other travel related expenses could net you a substantial number of rewards points. Depending on the cards, points can be redeemed for a multitude of items including future flights, hotel bookings and more.

Travel cards often have more intricate rewards redemption schemes when it comes to claiming you points. Depending on the card and card provider these reward schemes can differ in how you can redeem your points and what value your points are. Are you contemplating using a travel card for your wedding’s travel expenses? Then make sure to compare different cards’ rewards redemption schemes and tailor them to what suits you.

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While weddings are exciting occasions, they also come with some significant expenses. Make sure to plan and budget your wedding well in advance. Look into multiple ways, including responsible credit card use, to help you make the most of your wedding expenses with credit cards.